The current Lok Sabha elections in our country has been an emotional roller coaster for everybody. The number of first time and youth voters casting their ballots has led to a big splurge in the percentage of voter turnouts across the country.

Just like recent times, Popular Media has played a very crucial part in changing the mindsets and fueling the debate for good governance and due credit should be given to them.

In the video above by TVFRecycleBin in association with ADR- Association For Democratic Reforms, the TVF guys ask the youth of India simple questions to test their political awareness. With everybody having opinions about politics and politicians it was interesting see very basic knowledge about current politics.

But under this entire garb of sensationalism lies a truth that is not only stark but very difficult to comprehend. "TVF online entertainment network, part of TVFGroup, a leading company, at the edge of media innovations..." The Viral Fever with its underlying power of creating original and unbiased content in association with ADR- Association For Democratic Reforms launched a survey/campaign called "How I Met your Neta". The idea was simple: To ask the young voters of our country of the basic knowledge about electorate like candidates, issues, manifestos, etc and most of them were clueless.

An initiative by TVF, FAQ's "How i Met Your Neta" aims at fulfilling that void between "Cast your Vote" and "Cast your Vote responsibly after finding out, who are you voting for?"

The video has been trending on twitter, Facebook and youtube for the last week or so and has already garnered over 3,25,000 views

Arunabh Kumar, Founder of TVF Group was quoted as saying "With this, we have been able to make at least half a million people more politically aware. We look forward to make "TVF-RecycleBin" a one stop channel for all cool non-fiction content."

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