Since february this year, an Internet viral spread across the globe in form of videos where people uploaded do the Harlem Shake video. For those who don't know what the hell is Harlem Shake all about, please read the wikipedia link here.

Various web blogs, social media portal have made some list of top or best-of Harlem shake videos, however when it comes to India, there isn't any, we did the same as sunday fun, so here it is:

Please include your videos or your choice of video you think should be in the list.

Harlem shake done by Department of Biotechnology, IIT Chennai

Students and even professors are good at it, at first it's look like a serious award distribution ceremony, but then everything went crazy


Harlem Shake at Indian Border area 

Unknown border area of India with do-the-Harlem-shake participation from security force guys, a camel and few crazy guys


Army Public School, Delhi Edition

Kids doing Harlem shake in school classroom


IIT Delhi Classroom Edition, as aparent from video description


3 Guys doing the Harlem Shake in public places of Delhi, India. Watch the expressions of people around


Lovely Indian Girls doing harlem shake

Typical Indian family but funny this time with little grandma, funny lol!



Indian Wedding Harlem Shake


MTV India Office (Mumbai) Harlem Shake

A serious reality TV show Roadies strategy meeting turns into the epic Harlem Shake.


Harlem Shake - Indian Business School, Chennai Edition




Carlossd said…
hahahaha the last one is the best !!! ^^^
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