Indian Startups and Merger & Acquisition Report

Lately, iSpirt along with Zinnov analysis released India Technology and M&A review report where they collaboratively analysed key trends in Indian tech-startups arena, merger & acquisition activities, fundings in India. India has shown a pretty good growth in terms of total startup ecosystem boost with rising funding activities and  even more increasing funding bodies like VCs, incubators, angel network, below are few main trends startup, M&A and funding areas:



  • India Startup ecosystem has shown 30 times growth in Merger & Acquisition deals since 2009.

  • India's M&A deals sum up to an average of US$37 million.

  • Number of startups in India growing at CAGR rate of ~15% with 1326 startups in 2012.

  • India is ahead of Germany, Israel, China and Japan in number of startups in 2012.

  • More than 250 startups funded in year 2012 alone.

  • Bangalore accounts for most no. of startups (27%) followed by Delhi/NCR, Mumbai and Hyderabad region with 24%, 22% and 13% respectively.


Merger & Acquisitions

  • India has witnessed slight growth in merger & acquisition in last 3 years with 56 M&A deals in 2012 comparing to 44 deals in 2009.

  • Software and Internet account for 38% of all M&A deals in India.

  • 49% of all technology M&A deals in India during 2012-13 focussed on CLAMS (Cloud, Analytics, Mobility and Social).

  • Mumbai tops the cities in India with most tech M&A deals in India, followed by Bangalore, Delhi/NCR region

  • Indian IT service industry giants like Wipro are now exploring M&A route to enter new services.


Funding Bodies and Fundings in India

  • VCs fundings in India has doubled between 2009 and 2011.

  • A total of around US$1.1billion of VCs fundings made in 2009-2011 period.

  • Early age startup funding in India has reached to $US 25 million, annually in year 2012.

  • The no. of technology incubators & accelerators in India increased to more than 120, better than what existed 5 years back which were handful only.

  • Number of Angel network in India increased to more than 20.

Below you can find an infographic depicting the key trends and activities in Startups, M&A and fundings in India and varied sectors of it. Share your views in comments about how much you were aware of these amazing figures start arena in India is showing.

Indian Startups and Merger & Acquisition Report


Aruna said…
Early age startup funding is 25$ million, I thought it should be close to around 60-70, way to cover more for startups in India
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