Truecaller Database Cyber-attacked, Stole Some Data

Truecaller, apparently world's largest collaborative phone directory available as an app for iPhone, Android, Blackberry has been lately attacked by cyber-criminals that resulted in an unauthorized access to some data as per official statement given by truecaller, the access has been shut-down the moment it has been discovered by Truecaller.

Truecaller has presently managed have 18 million users and store more than 950 million phone numbers worldwide, the attackers if got succeeded then pretty good information might have got snatched from Truecaller, although Truecaller does not store passwords, credit card information, or any other sensitive information about our users.

Rumours have been there that attackers were able to access Truecaller user’s Facebook, Twitter and other social media passwords, however Truecaller denied the same, that attackers were able get some data but not any sort of sensitive information. Hackers represents Syrian Electronic Army, the attackers via their  twitter handle claimed to have recovered 459 GiBs of database, primarily due to an older version of Wordpress installation on the servers. The TrueCaller official however denied all this.

On the other hand attacker via their Twitter managed to reveal database, username and password of db through which they were able sneak into database of TrueCaller, ironically the password revealed by attackers is - google123, which is ultra simple to hack and shows  how Truecaller officials have taken technicalities for granted.

Trueacaller apart from being  an international phone directory of sorts that covers both fixed-line and mobile phones it also instantly allows to see who the caller is, blocks unwanted calls and more. After the attack the app company should now get more responsible considering the amount of users and phone number it has managed to gather till now.

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