Fake Story: Facebook Facelift among Indian People Rising

What had happened to media, why can't able to find a genuine good stories other than publishing marketing gimmicks and overdosing the cheap marketing stuff as 'big news', so far mainstream media like Times of India, Hindustan times was doing well in this arena by overdosing the cheap stories and making them big news & one-liners. Now big reputed blog portal are coming up with such crap as well, recently famous blog - Mashable come up with story -Facebook Facelift Craze Makes for Pricey Profile Pictures and claimed that people in India is ready to spend over lakh for it.

The source of news - well its series of sources coming from one to another, Mashable get it from news portal - Vocativ's video, and when people commented on video that its bull s**t, Vocativ come up with clarification with a reply - " Vocativ was first alerted to the story by a report in the Hindustan Times. Our producer in Delhi reached out to two prominent plastic surgeons to discuss this trend of 'Facebook Facelifts'. Through them, we were able to speak with the two patients — and one prospective patient – who got minor surgery to improve their appearance on social media".

Fake Story: Facebook Facelift among Indian People Rising

Just "one prospective patient" Vocativ managed to get among more than a billion population of India and they made it a big news Well, vocativ was right, atleast in source of news, in April this year Hindustan Times reported this news  and over the times its spreaded to one source to another, Vocativ, Mahsable and now other news portal are making it look more genuine, clearly it look like it all about generating demand for plastic surgery by propagating the so-called wandering after effects of your face going under the knife,  it's some group of plastic surgeon and big hospitals who wants to market its plastic surgery.

People might go for plastic surgery to look more attractive or to fix their physical imperfections, however saying that people and that's too in developing country like India are dedicatedly going for surgeries just for sake of Facebook profile is clearly a big fake news.

Even in recent times Times of India come in to the bad picture when it published a story and declared a real estate broker the next Mark Zuckerberg of India and then reputed news media - NDTV  got thumbs down for stealing a youtube video that's too 2 years old to add in recent flood video of north India.

You may tell us in comments that how many of you has gone for plastic surgeries just for facebook or your friends or someone you know have undergone with such procedure, just for facebook profile and spending over a lakh of Indian currency for it, though I don't know anyone in my social circle.

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