CodeEval recently released a statistics for - Most Popular Programming Languages of 2013. As CodeEval is a platform used by programmers/ developers to showcase their skills by participating challenges, win cash/prizes and impress employers with their technical skills. This statistics and figures are based on a sample size of over 100,000+ challenges processed from participants who have run challenges on CodeEval in 2012.

However, on other hand another list released by TIOBE, a company specialized in assessing and tracking the quality of software differ with the one releases by CodeEval. First let's see what CodeEval statistics has to say:

Most Popular Programming Languages of 2013

According to CodeEval stats Python is on top but lost 7% of its market comparing to last years stats of CodeEval, Java gained 3.5% squeezing the gap to just 4% between the two leaders. Perl lost almost 21% and PHP lost almost 8%. The biggest gainer was C# which leaped up 500% while C was up a modest 22.5%.

According to TIOBE stats C is on top, whereas as per CodeEval its not even among Top 5 most amusing is position of language - Python which is on no.8 unlike to CodeEval list. Unlike to CodeEval TIOBE ratings are calculated by counting hits of search queries on most popular search engines, the number of hits determines the ratings of a language.

TIOBE Programming Community Index for January 2013 -

TIOBE Programming Community Index for January 2013

The two stats differ in many ways may because of the criteria they have taken to prepare list, CodeEval has taken its own users data from its own users on other hand TIOBE used search engine  queries made, however the common things are C is evergreen language along with Java and PHP.

Although if you look at Wikipedia list of programming languages used in most popular websites you will see that Java is most popular followed by C, C++ and PHP.


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