PE-Nexus, LLC Launches Web2.0 'Micro' Professional Networking Platform for Mergers & Acquisitions Professionals

PE-Nexus seeks to revolutionize the manner in which mergers & acquisitions professionals interact

PR Newswire -- July 27, 2010

MIAMI, July 27 /PRNewswire/ -- PE-Nexus, LLC unveiled (, a specialized professional networking community aimed at facilitating interaction, communication, and deal flow exchange between M&A professionals. PE-Nexus is an invitation-only platform which combines a secure deal marketplace with a professional networking community, specifically for the M&A industry. Its mission is to unite the fragmented M&A industry with one global, web-based, solution that harnesses the power and reach of the Internet to catalyze deal sourcing, deal marketing, and principal-to-principal communication.

PE-Nexus' deal marketplace allows members to post anonymous, bite-sized listings about companies seeking debt, equity, or a full or partial sale. These listings are cross-referenced with the transaction criteria and saved preferences of hundreds of institutional investors or acquirers, creating a real-time match-making service between buyers and sellers, albeit for multi-million-dollar companies.

Superimposed over the marketplace is a robust professional networking platform which complements the exchange of deals by encouraging buyers and sellers to communicate with one another directly, thereby alleviating the need for time-consuming dial-out campaigns and mass email blasts, as well as frequent and expensive business trips and trade association events.

"We want PE-Nexus to become the Facebook of M&A," stated co-founder Anthony Hill. "Most everyone in the M&A profession acknowledges that the process of finding and buying or selling middle-market companies can be dramatically more efficient. Private equity groups and bankers spend thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars to scour the globe for the 'right' deal. There's clearly an easier way to accomplish this and, from its inception, PE-Nexus was designed to provide exactly that."

PE-Nexus currently caters exclusively to qualified private equity groups, corporate M&A departments, elite family offices, investment banks, M&A advisory firms, and high-end business brokers. In addition, owners or officers of middle-market companies contemplating a capital raise or a partial or full sale of their company are welcome to apply for membership.

Less than one month since its launch, PE-Nexus is being used by over 200 private equity groups, investment banks, and corporate M&A departments.

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About PE-Nexus, LLC

PE-Nexus is an exclusive online community for M&A participants. Founded by former investment banking, private equity, and corporate finance professionals, PE-Nexus is the first site to seamlessly combine a secure database of deal opportunities with a robust professional networking platform. Together, these resources offer members a unique one-stop resource to source leads, deals, buyers, sellers, and jobs in real time, as well as a highly visible location to showcase their companies' investment criteria, capabilities, personnel, and achievements.

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