MedClean Technologies Sponsors The IMWTA and Launches Virtual Portal for Membership

Barnett Medical Services Forms National Network for Independent Medical Waste Transporters (IMWTA) Enabling Members to Compete More effectively For Market Share of the Multi-Billion Dollar Medical Waste Industry

MedClean Technologies Launches And Becomes The Preferred On-Site Medical Waste Disposal And Document Destruction Technology Vendor Available To IMWTA Members

PR Newswire -- July 27, 2010

BETHEL, Conn., July 27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- MedClean Technologies (OTC Bulletin Board: MCLN), the leading provider of on-site technology for thetreatment and disposal of medical waste and the destruction of confidential documents and related media, today announced its support for The IMWTA with the launch of, an online portal to complement Barnett Medical Services' recent formation of the Independent Medical Waste Transporters Association (IMWTA) designed to provide members significant exposure and resources to compete nationally. Barnett Medical is the leading independently owned and operated provider of medical supplies and waste removal services in Northern California since 1961.

The IMWTA enables Barnett to align with other Independent Medical Waste Transporters to bid on national contracts that will provide significant cost-reductions to medical waste generators throughout the Unites States.

"Through the online portal,, members will have the ability to participate in bidding and servicing national contracts, receive national recognition for these services, coordinate events and educational sessions, and receive optimal pricing on products offered to the association as a whole," commented Brett Espicha, President and CEO, Barnett Medical Services. "MedClean Technologies, as the preferred on-site medical waste disposal and document destruction technology vendor available to our member transporters, has developed the portal for our members' benefits. Not only does the alliance with MedClean Technologies immediately open the door for IMWTA Members to rapidly expand their current business model and extend their service offering through technology, but we now have an online meeting place to more effectively gain market share of the multi-billion dollar medical waste industry. We are excited to have the ability to form such a national alliance and compete against our nation's largest medical waste transporters while providing our fellow independent transporters with"

Mr. Espicha continued, "By the end of 2010, we anticipate having more than 200 Independent Medical Waste Transporter Members on, covering the entire U.S. collectively involved in the transporting of over $500 million in medical waste annually. will offer online access to regional and national Requests for Proposal (RFPs), national bidding and contracting support, and additional infrastructure and services enabling networked transporters to compete as one organization across the nation." The value of this association and our online portal is clearly demonstrated through our alliance with MedClean Technologies, who continues to show support for our efforts to align with independent medical waste transporters to provide significant cost-reductions to our nation's healthcare institutions, enhance green initiatives, and provide alternative solutions to addressing medical waste."

About Barnett Medical

Since 1961 Barnett has been supplying doctors, doctors' groups & associations, dentists, schools, clinics, laboratories and government agencies with pharmaceuticals, medical & surgical supplies, record storage, retrieval and destruction.

Medical Waste Disposal Service- Barnett is one of the first companies in the Bay Area providing Medical Waste Disposal Service since 1990.

For more information on Barnett Medical Services please visit

About IMWTA and

Formed in 2010 by Barnett Medical Services, the or Independent Medical Waste Transporters Association was created based upon a primary mission to create a consortium of medical waste transporters, forming a national alliance, with the ability to compete on national contracts; and enable our nations' hospitals and healthcare facilities to increase savings and cost-reduction opportunities while enhancing their green initiatives.

For more information on the Independent Medical Waste Transporters Association please visit the IMWTA.

About MedClean Technologies, Inc.

MedClean Technologies, Inc. is a provider of innovative technology and services for the onsite treatment and disposal of regulated medical waste. MedClean's flagship MedClean? Series systems are fully integrated, turnkey technology solutions that enable hospitals and other healthcare providers to safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively convert bio-hazardous regulated medical waste into sterile, unrecognizable material suitable for disposal as municipal solid waste. MedClean was founded in 1997 with corporate headquarters, research and development and distribution facilities located in Bethel, Connecticut. Further information on MedClean can be found at and in filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission found at

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