First Federal Savings Bank Enables Secure Tap-and-Pay for Community

- Mobile payments system powered by Bling Nation offers security and convenience at checkout -

PR Newswire -- July 27, 2010

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn., July 27 /PRNewswire/ -- First Federal Savings Bank now offers mobile payments to its customers and local businesses through a partnership with Bling Nation, which connects consumers, businesses and financial institutions through mobile tap-and-pay at the point of sale. Hundreds of businesses have signed up to support the innovative payment system, reducing costs, improving security and enabling rewards programs.

"First Federal offers a win-win-win opportunity for consumers and local businesses, thanks to Bling Nation's secure tap-and-pay service, which significantly reduces the risk of identify theft and fraud at the point of sale," said Earl Bradley, chief executive officer of First Federal Savings Bank. "Bling Nation is catching on like wildfire within the Clarksville community, as customers and merchants see this cool new way to pay for services. It is helping First Federal transform into an extremely progressive community bank that is leading the evolution of mobile payments in this region."

Customers with a checking account at First Federal Savings Bank can easily sign up for a BlingTag?, a quarter-sized microchip sticker that adheres to the back of any mobile phone to enable debit transactions. Since BlingTags do not store any personal information, they offer more security than traditional plastic cards and reduce the risk of identity theft. Customers receive a text message payment confirmation and real-time account balance with each purchase.

As of today, First Federal Savings Bank and Bling Nation are working with more than 100 retailers, enabling consumers to choose from a variety of stores near them. Bling Nation's system also helps businesses to develop loyalty programs and offer customers instant rewards at the point of purchase.

"Bling Nation is an innovative payment system that enables us to grow our business and our community," said Jim Burchett, owner of Family Pet Hospital and Tiny Town Animal Clinic. "With Bling Nation, we are able to offer discounts and promotions that are helping increase customers for large and small purchases. In addition, as a consumer, it is practically the only way I buy things around town, because of its security and convenience."

"Bling Nation's efficient payments network requires fewer payment processing parties, making it an attractive alternative for small businesses currently incurring expensive interchange fees for plastic transactions and consumers worried about fraud," said Shannon Goldman, general manager, East region for Bling Nation. "By streamlining the payment process and partnering with banks like First Federal Savings Bank, we can pass greater savings and security along to local businesses that can create more loyal, satisfied shoppers."

About First Federal Savings Bank

Founded in 1953, First Federal Savings Bank, a wholly-owned subsidiary of First Advantage Bancorp, is a federally chartered savings bank headquartered in Clarksville, Tennessee. The Bank operates as a community-oriented financial institution, with five full-service offices in Montgomery County, Tennessee which is approximately 40 miles northwest of Nashville near the Kentucky border. First Federal Savings Bank offers a full range of retail and commercial financial services. The Bank's website address is First Advantage Bancorp stock trades on the Nasdaq Global Market under the symbol "FABK."

About Bling Nation

Bling Nation mobile payment services connect local financial institutions and businesses, allowing customers to use their mobile phones to tap-and-pay for purchases and receive text account balance and transaction confirmations at the point of sale. Businesses and financial institutions eliminate payment processing middlemen, while differentiating their services and supporting community "shop local" programs. For additional information, visit or follow us at

SOURCE Bling Nation

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