Sculptris: A Free 3D Modelling Tool to Create Awesome Models

Sculptris is a nice 'Free' Nifty tool for 3-D modeling and sculpturing over the computer. Moreover, the tool is freely downloadable, doesn't occupy much space comparing to other 3D modeling software tools such as Google's Sketchup or 3DPlus and less complicated when it comes to handling and using it.

As per the creator of the tool Tomas Pettersson for whom Sculptris is just unpaid hobby project will stay small and focused at the main task of sculpting and painting models with minimal features comparing to other big brand apps already available such as ZBrush, Blender, Maya etc.

The tool is really focused at sculpting & modeling with ease, to see how to play with this nifty tool and how to really use it watch the video below;


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