BlacMail Mobile email ApplicationBlacMail is a new push email mobile application launched by Bangalore based mobile applications startup Fifth C , the mobile app is a push email mobile application enables low-end ordinary phones to send and receive mails and that's too without having GPRS as one would normally need to get connected with internet. The app provides low-end mobile users to have email send-receive feature similar to that of smart phones or PDAs such as BlackBerry or Nokia E63.

BlacMail allows users to access their mails through any GSM network on their cell phones anywhere in India be it Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or even your company/ corporate emails.

BlacMail makes Ordinary Phones Smarter for Emails (without GPRS)

Difference that this mobile app making is - Unlike to other 'pull email' based applications available in the market, BlacMail is based over 'push email' application that pushes mails to the user's phone as soon as they land in the user's email inbox. Therefore, BlacMail only alerts your phone and you when an unread email from your internet account is pushed to it. While other services of the similar kind pull an email to your phone by frequently checking your internet mail accounts for unread mails unnecessarily draining your phone battery life.

Available for free trial download BlacMail is at present available only in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad and also at all UniverCell outlets. However the company is negotiating with a top operator in India for release of BlacMail across India soon.

The paid version of this mobile email app is subcription service based on credit system that needs to be purchased for mobile service providers (UniverCell outlet as of now).

Coming to the features the on demand option allows users to get mails only when they want it, and the mail download size option enables them to control the size of mails, thereby saving the user’s credits. Another feature that empowers users to control their credits is the white-list option. It white-lists domains,sites or email addresses that user wants to receive mails from, and filters out all other unwanted domains, thus reducing spam and keeping the user’s inbox clean.

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