Google Search Now More Secured Search with SSL (https)

Google from today onwards will provide more secured search with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption that is now once can have more secure connection if they go to Google via URL -

What it means to you ?

With 'https://' before you have more secured and encrypted connection with Google servers and have more security of what you search, search terms and search activity being misused or intercepted by any one including your ISP or any third party on your network. The service includes a modified logo to help indicate that you’re searching using SSL.

Search Experience

As the new SSL secured Google search is still in Beta stage, one might have different search experience when browsing with SSL secured Google search, that includes - slightly slower lower search than the regular one, modified Google logo, Google Image search and Google Maps not supported with SSL as yet so you wont see the same in "left panel/sidebar" (as per the new Google design).

This is one major appreciated step of Google towards it main product i.e. Google Search to provide its users more online privacy and security to billions of searchers around the world. However, this security only hides users data from third parties who seek it but Google will continue to store the search terms/ data in Google servers to improve search results and its quality.

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