Amazon Retiring Its Security Robot for SMBs Only After 7 Mths of Its Launch

Amazon has decided to discontinue its Astro for Business security robot after only seven months since its launch. The reason behind this decision is Amazon's focus on its home version of Astro. The home version, introduced in 2021, offers features like home security, pet detection, message delivery, and a cargo bin capable of carrying up to 4.4 pounds. Amazon aims to bring world-class consumer robotics solutions to households and is excited about the in-home experiences they're developing for Astro.

Starting from September 25, the Astro for Business robots will no longer function. Amazon recommends recycling these security robots through their recycling program, which covers the shipping cost.

The business version of Astro was priced at $2,350 and came with three subscription plans: "Astro Secure," Ring alarms and motion detectors, and human agent support and monitoring. Effective immediately, companies will no longer be charged the "Astro Secure" subscription fee, and affected customers will receive a $300 credit to support a replacement solution for their workplace.

It's interesting to note that Amazon initially launched Astro for the home, but now they're repurposing it as a security robot for small- and medium-sized businesses. The business version is designed for spaces up to 5,000 square feet and targets retailers, manufacturers, and other industries. If you were considering Astro for your business, it's essential to explore alternative solutions given this discontinuation.

Besides Amazon's Astro Robot, the Knightscope K5, is an another autonomous security robot for both outdoor and indoor use. There are other notable security robots in the MARKET. Sunflower Labs' Beehive is a robot similar to a drone and has the ability to fly for up to 20 minutes. It offers live video streaming features.

Despite competetion, Amazon Astro is one of the most well-known security robots in the tech market, it's often considered the real-life version of Alexa.

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