Infosys Launches AI-Amplified Marketing Suite Infosys Aster™

Infosys, today announced the launch of Infosys Aster™ – a set of AI-amplified marketing services, solutions and platforms that deliver engaging brand experiences, enhanced marketing efficiency, and accelerated effectiveness for business growth. It drives AI-led transformation of marketing with integrated, real-time view across customers, brands and channels, enabling companies to increase ROI from marketing. With creative services, experience design, digital commerce, MarTech orchestration, performance marketing and marketing operations, Infosys Aster™ brings agility to the marketing value chain for B2B and B2C brands. With Infosys Aster™, global brands have realized up to 50% increase in repeat buyers, 30% improvement in the cost of marketing operations, and 40% increase in sales.

Deliver Engaging Brand Experiences: Infosys Aster™ delivers lasting connections with its human experience design approach amplified by the power of technology. Utilizing advanced technologies like real-time Unreal Engine 3D, AR/VR/XR, and digital twin CGI modeling, it delivers immersive experiences that foster customer intimacy. By taking advantage of AI-powered customer and marketing data platforms, it enables brands to unlock insights from data while also drawing on the power of ecosystems to deepen omnichannel engagement. For example, as the creative partner for an international racing giant, Infosys Aster™ created a holistic digital ecosystem – with compelling visual experiences that were highly customized for user groups – to boost engagement. Taking advantage of a dynamic content engine along with a simple ticketing system, Infosys Aster™ helped the business turn millions of fans into lifelong customers.

Enhance Marketing Efficiency: Infosys Aster™ combines gen AI-amplified content and creative services, intelligent recommendations from the MarTech stack, and marketing insights to deliver cost-effective campaigns faster. It also boosts efficiencies through marketing shared services by centralizing and automating content and design operations, reducing time and cost to activate campaigns. The suite’s AI capabilities, powered by Infosys Topaz™, help brands improve channel efficiencies by analyzing performance data and adapting strategies in real time. For example, a global health-tech company took advantage of Infosys Aster™ to accelerate their campaign management cycles – from setup to execution for 80+ markets driving savings in cost of operations.

Accelerate Effectiveness for Business Growth: Infosys Aster™ helps businesses create shared digital foundations, by integrating MarTech and enterprise systems, to create new avenues to value for sales and marketing. AI-driven analytics and customer insights help marketers increase customer lifetime value by personalizing outreach, nurturing meaningful conversations, and garnering high-quality leads. This supports brands in driving effective lead-generation campaigns, marked by better cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Marketers can also capture demand and nurture repeat purchases with the suite’s real-time recommendations based on customer behavior. Predictive insights also help in influencing pricing strategies. For example, a retail chain used AI-amplified insights from Infosys Aster™ to develop their app-based promotional loyalty program that resulted in sales boost for them. The digital commerce platform, integral to Infosys Aster™, has a proven record in shaping e-commerce as an enterprise growth-lever.

Infosys Aster™ offers a range of powerful features to enhance marketing efforts and drive business growth:
  1. Personalization: Tailor content and experiences for individual customers based on their preferences, behavior, and demographics.
  2. Predictive Analytics: Leverage AI to forecast trends, identify opportunities, and optimize marketing strategies.
  3. Automated Campaigns: Streamline marketing workflows with automated campaign creation, execution, and tracking.
  4. Customer Journey Mapping: Visualize and optimize customer interactions across touchpoints.
  5. Data Insights: Gain actionable insights from data analytics to refine marketing tactics.
  6. Content Recommendations: Deliver relevant content to users at the right time.
  7. Multi-Channel Engagement: Reach customers through various channels (web, mobile, social media, email, etc.)

Compatibility with existing marketing tools

Infosys Aster™ is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing marketing tools. Its flexible architecture allows it to connect with various systems, including customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, email marketing tools, analytics solutions, and more. By leveraging APIs and data connectors, marketers can enhance their workflows and leverage the power of Infosys Aster™ alongside their existing technology stack.

Satish H C, EVP and Co-head of Delivery, Infosys, said, “Our clients want to tap into new avenues of growth, while deepening customer intimacy, efficiently, in near-real time. They understand the role that modern agile marketing, enabled by data and AI, can play to accelerate their strategy and disintermediate execution. Infosys Aster™ helps our clients’ marketing organizations master the duality of marketing effectiveness and marketing efficiency to truly transform into customer-champions and growth-partners.”

Businesses need marketing to be their core engine for reimagining customer experience and driving growth. In the era of AI-first enterprise transformation, CMOs have a unique opportunity to be the true C-Suite partner and orchestrator of value across the organization,” said Sumit Virmani, EVP and Global Chief Marketing Officer, Infosys. “At Infosys, we count on AI to amplify our capabilities – deepen brand experiences while driving effectiveness and efficiencies. We know that Infosys Aster™ – the same AI-amplified services, solutions and platforms that delivers value for us – can transform marketing into the powerful growth engine CMOs need for it to be.”

Peter Bendor-Samuel, Founder & CEO, Everest Group, said, “AI presents immense value to marketers, from driving hyper personalization to promising enhanced efficiencies and effectiveness across insights generation, creative workflows, and customer support. This is enabling marketers to not only glean productivity improvements, but also drive growth mandates. This journey is best enabled by partnering with a service provider that brings together strong tech capabilities with a deep understanding of the marketing domain. Infosys Aster’s AI-led marketing capabilities, coupled with Infosys’ experience of driving marketing and experience transformations, is well positioned to serve the needs of progressive marketers.”

Infosys Aster™ has nurtured best-in-class digital agencies, proven AI capabilities, deep industry experience, decades of delivery excellence and a diverse partner ecosystem. WongDoody, Infosys’ creative digital innovation agency, brings together unique capabilities in creative consulting, experience design, immersive experiences, and future-proof marketing. Infosys Aster™ uses the AI and gen AI capabilities of Infosys Topaz™ in a ‘responsible by design’ approach to amplify marketing capabilities and enhance effectiveness of the function. Infosys’ deep industry experience and expertise in connecting the complex enterprise ecosystem to the customer facing marketing function, while managing organizational change, helps CMOs achieve strong business impact. With over 350 global awards, 20+ design studios, 50+ partners, and 400+ marketing assets including use cases, solutions, and platforms, Infosys Aster™ is accelerating experience, efficiency, and effectiveness for B2B and B2C marketers globally.

Björn Schick, Chief Experience Officer and Member of the Executive Board, smart Europe GmbH, said, “At smart Europe, we share a similar value set with our strong partner Infosys Aster™, which prioritizesthe individual customer experience thanks to sustainable concepts and the appropriate use of technology. In today’s dynamic digital landscape, smart must secure a strong presence to connect with customers at every touchpoint. Infosys’ human-centered design studio, WongDoody, has developed a performative 3D digital twin-based platform for us. This platform creates personalized customer journeys with our vehicles, enhancing the experience and unlocking new creative possibilities with gen AI. It simplifies and economizes the production of on-demand personalized visual content, increasing our flexibility to present and promote our brand and its growing product portfolio effectively to customers worldwide.”

“Infosys Aster™ is bringing expertise to help us reimagine, engineer, and activate best-in-class omnichannel experiences for our customers, partners, and prospects enabling them to quickly access the relevant and up to date information they need. We see the potential of AI to amplify these capabilities and significantly raise the bar in the delivery of personalized content, ensuring predictability of engagement. We are elevating the way we connect with our customers and how our customers connect with us,” said Tom Portman, Group VP, Online Transformation and Group Head of Digital Channels, ABB.

To know more, please visit: Infosys Aster™

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