Vodafone and Sony Originated Companies Combine Blockchain & IoT To Combat Supply Chain Frauds

Pairpoint, a blockchain-based trading venture owned by Vodafone and Sumitomo Corporation, has announced a strategic partnership with Sensos, a leading supply chain solution company founded by Sony Semiconductors, to address the growing issue of supply chain fraud. This collaboration aims to leverage Sensos' expertise in smart label technology, which originated from Sony Semiconductor Israel, to enhance the security and transparency of supply chains.

The partnership is expected to integrate Sensos' supply chain management solutions with Pairpoint's Economy of Things (EoT) platform. This will enable logistics companies to securely track their goods at every stage of the supply chain. The use of Sensos' cellular tracking labels and AI-powered control tower, combined with Pairpoint's digital identity, trust, and transactional platform, will allow for the secure and immutable recording of all goods' movements, from port departures to final deliveries.

This initiative is particularly significant as it not only aims to combat fraud but also to improve operational efficiency and cost savings for businesses across multiple industries. The solution is currently being piloted in cooperation with global logistics operator Unilog, part of the ICL Group, at several sites in the US and Europe.

Pairpoint’s secure technology overlays Sensos’ highly reliable, real-time supply chain management solution through the Pairpoint-enabled iSIM and device agent software embedded into a smart label. Every logistic transaction is then verifiable, transparent, and resistant to tampering, effectively combatting fraud, and enhancing trust across the supply chain ecosystem.

The CEOs of both Pairpoint and Sensos have expressed their enthusiasm for the potential impact of this partnership on the supply chain sector, highlighting the importance of intelligent and globally connected cellular labels and the Pairpoint platform.

About Sensos:

Sensos is a real-time supply chain management company with offices in US, Germany and Israel. Sensos’ AI-based solution empowers logistics teams to transition from reactive firefighting to proactive decision making, driving faster shipments, smaller inventories and more efficient production planning- resulting in bottom line savings and more sustainable operations. Learn more about Sensos at: https://sensos.io/

About Pairpoint:

Pairpoint (the brand name of DABCo Limited) is a pioneering blockchain technology company dedicated to revolutionizing the industry with decentrialized solutions. Based in the United Kingdom, with offices in London (UK) and Lisbon (Portugal), it is supported by an investment of 60 million euros from Vodafone Group and Sumitomo Group and employs 50 people with specialist skills and experience in IoT and financial technology. Learn more about Pairpoint at https://pairpoint.io

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