Intel is Teaming Up with Chinese Tech Co.s to Develop Innovative Solutions for Intelligent Cockpits in Vehicles

Intel Corporation has announced a collaboration with two of China's technology companies — Neusoft and ThunderSoft — to develop innovative solutions for the next generation of intelligent cockpits in vehicles. This collaboration will leverage Intel's AI-enhanced software-defined vehicle (SDV) system-on-chip (SoC) to create advanced cockpit designs that offer AI customization and can scale across different vehicle generations.

The partnership aims to integrate Intel's compute platform into intelligent cockpit systems that will enhance driving experiences with a focus on comfort and safety. The Intel SDV SoC will support features like multiple screen sizes, multimodal interaction, 3D user interfaces, augmented reality navigation, and driver and occupant monitoring. It's designed to enable offline deployment of large models within the vehicle, addressing the increasing demand for privacy and a low-latency experience.

The collaboration will impact automotive market with new developments in AI & privacy by providing ability to deploy large Al models offline within the vehicle addresses the increasing demand for privacy and a low-latency experience. This ensures that users' data is processed within the vehicle, enhancing data privacy protection while still benefiting from Al's capabilities.

ThunderSoft's platform, in particular, will support multiple high-definition screens capable of simultaneous 3D rendering, providing a PC-quality gaming experience for vehicle occupants. The integration of AI large language models on Intel solutions will also allow for faster response times and more seamless interactions with the vehicle, all while ensuring enhanced data privacy protection.

This collaboration is a significant step for Intel in strengthening its automotive ecosystem and supporting automakers in creating cutting-edge in-vehicle experiences. It's exciting to see how this partnership will contribute to the evolution of software-defined vehicles and the automotive industry as a whole.

Intel’s efforts in China, the world's largest auto market, offer a massive testing ground for the next-gen intelligent and software-defined vehicle technologies. Intel’s open architecture is providing the flexible foundation electric vehicle disruptors are seeking to centralize more functions in modern electric vehicles at scale and across generations of vehicle models – from entry level to luxury.

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