• TSS Consultancy’s tech platform TrackWizz, helps financial institutions fight financial crime, detect malpractices such as money laundering and terrorist financing
  • TrackWizz is a software suite by TSS aimed at BFSI, NBFC, brokerage firms , Insurance companies, Banks and payment solutions providers
  • The company has grown its revenues by 43% to touch Rs 60 crore and is currently serving 350+ financial institutions
  • The Company has been profitable since its inception
  • TSS has also become the first reg tech company in India to receive direct authorisation to launch business in the GIFT City. 
  • Funds raised to be primarily used for research & development particularly artificial intelligence and significantly scale SAAS offerings (TrackWizz Screenzaa) including launching new products in niche areas of financial crime
India’s leading Reg-tech company TSS Consultancy has received an investment from WestBridge Capital at a valuation of Rs 900 crore. This is a maiden round raised by the Company. Funds raised will be used for research & development particularly artificial intelligence and to significantly scale its SaaS offerings including the launch of new products in niche areas of financial crime.

Sagar Tanna, Founder CEO, TSS
Sagar Tanna, Founder CEO, TSS

TSS Consultancy was founded in 2008 by Sagar, Sameer and Chandrakant Tanna. Headquartered in Mumbai, the company is a financial technology and compliance partners for over 350 institutions which include Banks, Stock Brokers, Stock Exchanges, Hedge Funds and other financial institutions across 3 countries India, South Africa and the US with 400+ team strength. TSS Consultancy tech platform TrackWizz, one of its kind software product suite, is designed to empower the finance industry in fighting financial crime, money laundering, terrorist financing etc.

Sagar Tanna, Founder & CEO, TSS Consultancy, says, “As India walks towards becoming a five trillion economy, the government has been proactive about uprooting unlawful financial activities from our systems. We believe protecting our financial systems and complying with the law of the land is crucial. Our mission is to help every financial institution and empower financial soldiers to fight financial crime with cutting edge technology and data intelligence with reasonable investments in the area of money laundering, KYC, Terrorist financing and Insider Trading.”

India is one of the members of the FATF and as part of this, it has FIU (Financial Intelligence Unit), which is directly under the Finance Ministry. All the businesses in the country are required to share suspicious information with this unit under the law, if they suspect that a customer is doing suspicious transactions. TrackWizz is the only made in India software and has an excellent curated watchlist combined with transaction monitoring and regulatory reporting, a full blown anti money laundering (AML) solution.

Trackwizz platform under its AML solution provides a relief to both small and large institutions by helping them prevent or report money laundering activities by using a risk based approach.

Deepak Ramineedi, Partner at WestBridge Capital, says, “We are excited to partner with Trackwizz as they expand their market leadership by enhancing their suite of robust and innovative products in a fast-growing compliance market, a top-of-mind space for both financial institutions and governments globally.”

TSS, which has been profitable since its inception, has grown its revenues by 43% in the last 12 months. The Company’s topline is Rs 60 crore. Trackwizz is now used by brokerage firms that generate about 70% of the daily trading volume on both the major exchanges. Apart from the brokers, Trackwizz is also used by top banks in India, NBFC’s and Fintech companies. Currently with its clients like HDFC securities, Axis Bank, Zerodha, among others, Trackwizz aims to provide cutting edge technology solutions and is dedicated to serving the finance industry focussed on fighting financial crime, making operations efficient and helping business grow while keeping the economy crime free.

TSS has also become the first reg tech company to obtain a licence to do business in the International Financial Centre (GIFT City).

According to a report by IBEF, the RegTech Market size was estimated to be USD 7.6 Billion in 2021 and is projected to be worth USD 19.5 billion by 2026 with a CAGR of 20.8%. As governments and regulators become more stringent with financial networks being used for nefarious activities, TrackWizz is rightly positioned to help the financial sector root out crimes which can have serious ramifications for any country’s economy.

About TSS:

TSS Consultancy’s tech platform called TrackWizz, helps financial institutions fight financial crime specifically towards money laundering and surveillance. Serving 350+ institutions with its 400+ team of technologists and certified financial crime professionals with a dedicated focus on India, it is a rare jewel made in and for India.

About WestBridge Capital:

WestBridge Capital is an experienced investment firm, managing over $7.5Bn of capital across investment funds in India and Mauritius that primarily focuses on investments in India. WestBridge Capital leverages both its capital and experience to help companies succeed. WestBridge seeks to partner with some of India’s most promising mid-sized companies for the long-term, whether they are public or private. Over the course of their careers, the team at WestBridge has led investments in over 150 companies. Armed with this wealth of experience, the team at WestBridge is able to assist its portfolio companies – when required -- in many areas including strategy, operations, management recruiting and fundraising.

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