Sound-based PaymentTech Co. ToneTag Launches Payments through Connected Cars and Conversational Payments

ToneTag breaks new grounds in Fintech: Connected car payments and Conversational payments on UPI take center stage

ToneTag, India's fastest-growing wireless sound-based payment service provider, launched two groundbreaking technologies simultaneously at the Global Fintech Fest 2023. These innovations are poised to redefine digital payments and offer unparalleled convenience on a global scale.

ToneTag, renowned for its pioneering work in the fintech sector, continues to set new benchmarks in technological innovation. The company proudly presents its dual technological advancements as follows:

Payments through Connected Cars: Transforming the Way We Pay

ToneTag has unveiled a revolutionary solution for connected cars, setting a new standard in seamless transactions. Users can now make UPI payments directly from their car's infotainment system, eliminating the need for smartphones or wallets during transactions. ToneTag proudly stands as the world's first company to enable UPI payments through car infotainment systems, marking a significant milestone in the world of fintech.


This innovative technology is poised to redefine how payments are made, offering unparalleled convenience to connected car users. Whether it's fueling up at the gas station, paying tolls, or settling utility bills, ToneTag's solution streamlines the entire payment process, enhancing the overall journey for users.

Conversational Payments on UPI: Pay with Just Your Voice

ToneTag is excited to announce its partnership with NPCI to introduce Conversational Payments on UPI. This groundbreaking service allows users to make UPI payments using nothing but their voice. Whether it's transferring funds, settling mobile bills, paying for electricity or piped gas, or even booking LPG gas cylinders, it's now as simple as speaking.

Currently available in Hindi and English, ToneTag's Conversational Payments will soon be accessible in many regional languages. The technology is built on five robust pillars: Acoustics, language understanding, text-to-number conversion for seamless transactions, binary intent comprehension for precise actions, and text-to-speech capabilities for effortless communication.


ToneTag's simultaneous introduction of these two groundbreaking technologies represents a quantum leap forward in the fintech landscape. By simplifying and enhancing digital payments, the company envisions a future where cashless transactions are universally accessible and user-friendly.

About ToneTag:

Operating at the intersection of technology and customer-focused innovation, ToneTag is a global technology solutions provider. It offers sound-based contactless payments, location- based services, and proximity-based customer engagement services, amongst others. Since its inception in 2013, ToneTag has filed 13 global patents for a variety of exciting use cases in the payments ecosystem and the offline retail space and has touched the lives of its over 50 million global consumers. Evolving from a need to create more accessible and hardware-agnostic payment systems, ToneTag is the first company to have enabled contactless payment acceptance on Electronic Data Capture (EDC) machines using sound.

ToneTag enables cashless, digital payments from cards and e-wallets from feature phones without the use of the internet, meaning that it operates with minimal to zero hardware dependency. The technology can enable payments through any device – laptops, PCs, tablets, EDCs, mPOS, smartphones, and so on. Its SDK can be used for online and offline retail, paying for parking, toll, buses, or for making in-flight payments. This combination allows customers from all walks of life to enjoy a seamless payment process that is as convenient, frictionless, and interoperable as the use of cash – a consequence of the company’s vision to improve the quality of life globally through inventing experiences and technology Innovation.

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