• ACF is an exclusive syndicate launched for family offices and UHNIs to participate In bridge rounds of growth-stage startups
  • Unlike typical VC funds, ACF gives investors the freedom to choose the startups they want to invest in
  • A minimum investment of Rs 10 crore from quality LPs investing through a single vehicle will provide family offices and founders the perfect platform to engage through highly coveted bridge rounds alongside premier VC funds
  • ACF will invest in 8 – 10 startups annually
  • Artha India Ventures with its proven track record and India focus will lead the due diligence and negotiations on behalf of its elite investors.
Artha Group, which has Rs 1000 crore AUM, announces the launch of Artha Continuum Fund (ACF), a groundbreaking syndicate fund tailor-made for family offices and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNIs). Designed as the gateway to bridge rounds for startups transitioning to growth-stage ventures, ACF presents elite investors with privileged access to high-potential investment rounds.

Highlights of ACF:

  • Exclusivity: A syndicate crafted just for family offices and UHNIs, India’s first.
  • Opportunity: Direct access to bridge rounds of emerging growth-stage ventures
  • Commitment: A minimum investment of ₹10 crores, signifying the gravity of each deal.
  • Pipeline: ACF's maiden deal is set to get announced this quarter, aiming for 8-10 robust deals annually.
Through ACF, investors can now tap into previously out-of-reach opportunities due to the capital-intensive nature of such rounds. The fund will strategically co-invest alongside premier VC funds, offering investors a seamless entry into the growth stage VC ecosystem. This blend empowers investors with the diligence of venture capital and the cost advantages of direct investment.

Anirudh A. Damani, Director of Artha India Ventures
Anirudh A. Damani, Director of Artha India Ventures

Anirudh A. Damani, Director of Artha India Ventures, says, "ACF arose from listening to our discerning investors. They yearned for a competent entity to oversee rigorous due diligence, sophisticated negotiations, and post-investment management while crafting their direct investment narratives."

ACF addresses a key challenge for many family offices and UHNIs: the depth of due diligence and negotiation power. Leveraging its vast resources and seasoned team, ACF emerges as the optimal platform for those seeking elevated returns from private investments but wary of the risks associated with early-stage startups. Notably, ACF isn't a blind pool, granting investors the autonomy to select and allocate funds each deal.

Sandesha Jaitapkar, COO, Artha Group, says, "ACF is more than just a fund. It's a movement to democratize elite investments in tech startups. We bridge the gap, allowing UHNIs to be actively involved, benefiting from the collective wisdom of seasoned VCs and superangels.”

With a strategic alignment with Artha India Ventures, ACF has garnered in-principle commitments from leading LPs. The fund remains committed to category-leading companies showing significant traction with clear profitability horizons. At its core, ACF's strategy addresses tangible human problems, optimizing unit economics, fortifying competitive moats, and leveraging technology as a potent enabler.

Proven Track Record in Syndication:

Before acquiring its license, Artha Group honed its syndication skills through strategic partnerships. It executed a notable ₹18 crore ($2.7m) syndicate with LeverageEdu, a prominent $1.9m syndication in the no-code platform Laminar, and a remarkable ₹5.5 crores investment in the spacetech pioneer, GalaxEye. These ventures stand as testaments to the group's proficiency and foresight in identifying and nurturing high-potential startups.

About Artha India Ventures:

Founded in 2012, Artha India Ventures ('AIV') has firmly established itself as a formidable player in the investment landscape. As the General Partner to flagship funds like the Artha Venture Fund and Artha Select Fund, AIV influences and shapes their investment blueprints. Simultaneously, its role as a Limited Partner in various global funds underscores its expansive investment reach. With a diversified portfolio that comprises 80+ startups across India, the USA, Israel, and Africa, AIV's investments include market influencers like OYO, Purplle, LeverageEdu, Exotel, Karza, Tala, IconBuild, Caja Robotics, and Badili.

About Artha Group:

Artha Group is the embodiment of diversified and influential investment. Beyond its identity as a family office, the group proudly champions the Artha Venture Fund, India's pioneering early-stage microVC fund, and the acclaimed Artha Select Fund, recently spotlighted in Bain & Company's / IVCA's 2023 Report on the Indian Venture Capital landscape.

The group's investment philosophy gets epitomized by its commitment to startups that promise and deliver innovation and transformation. Its vast portfolio, which extends to 100+ startups worldwide, showcases illustrious names such as Everest Fleet, Agnikul, LenDenClub, KarmaLife, and InstaAstro.

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