Scratch Dilemma: Should You Claim Insurance for Car Scratches?

Imagine yourself failing to control your car's speed while you were behind the wheel. The thought of encountering a car collision worried you. So, you suddenly pressed the brake pedal. While you might have saved your and others' lives during that moment, the minor collision resulted in tiny car dents and scratches.

Fortunately, you have a car insurance policy. But do you seriously think claiming for minor dents and scratches is a beneficial move? Before you plan to claim insurance for small dents on your four-wheeler, let's discover the answer in this post.

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Does an Insurance Policy Cover Car Dents and Scratches in the Policy?

If you are buying car insurance online recently, you might have no idea whether the insurance covers car scratches. Car insurance coverage varies from one policy to another. And reading the print of the insurance policy word-to-word to understand the exclusions and inclusions is also next to impossible.

In most cases, reliable car insurance companies cover scratches. However, if you claim for these minor scratches, your chances of receiving the NCB lowers. Now, what is the NCB, and how does it affect the insurance policy?

The Impact on the NCB

No Claim Bonus Discount or NCB is a reward you can get as a policyholder only if you do not raise subsequent claims in one policy year. The reward will be accumulated to receive a discount during the renewal. So, when your car gets small dents and scratches, claiming for minor damage nullifies the reward which you get otherwise if you don't raise any claim during the tenure.

So, instead of filing a claim for such damage, you should pay for it from your own pocket.

The Impact on Deductibles

Deductibles are the amount of money that you agree to pay during the claim settlement. Your insurance company pays the rest of the amount. That means you need to bear a portion of the damage sustained by your vehicle. Take the example of a scenario when your four-wheeler suffers from minor dents that are worth Rs. 2300. If you file a claim, you need to pay an amount of money.

So, as per the deductibles, you need to pay an amount of this, say, for instance, Rs. 1300. The rest gets paid by the insurance company. If you have a higher deductible, you need to pay more.

The Influential Impact on the Premium

Besides impacting the NCB, filing a claim can also affect the overall claim history. It is a fundamental part that evaluates the premium sum you need to pay for the policy in the forthcoming year. Raising multiple claims for minor dents and scratches increases the amount.

After Everything Else

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