A Unique Summit of 20 Students Led NGOs Held at T-Hub

Foundation Summit, a unique summit of Student Led NGOs held at T-Hub (there is no connection to T-Hub, except the venue). Twenty Youth Lead, in the age group of 16 to 21 years old participated. All must all of them are studying and also running these NGOs. 

The Kashmir Files producer Abhishek Agarwal, Shanta Thoutham from Telangana State Innovation Cell; Ritu Shah, Chairperson of FICCI Ladies Organisation(FLO), Ms Shubhra Maheshwari, Past Chairperson FLO, Mr Sumer Jain, MD of Four Wheel Travels and others graced.

Addressing the youth at the Vibhegia Summit, Abhishek Agrawal, producer of The Kahsmir Files said Teens too are socially aware. This is the new India, the young India, they like to come out and serve. The emerging society is full of challenges to overcome, and youth is the answer for a promising tomorrow, he said.

Despite being busy with the inaugural of the Secretariat, I am here for some takeaways, the youth are promising. We need more of these change-makers, they are the future of our world said Shanta Thoutham from Telangana State Innovation Cell.

Seen 20 student led startup founders
Seen 20 student led startup founders

The 20 student-led non-profits include A Teenager's Interests; Bizz.connect; Miles and smiles; The Khayal Foundation; Whelve; Learning Space Foundation; MNR Organisation; M Group Realtors; Dhruvansh; Meraki Bizz Connect; Naari, women wellness initiative; Touch A Life Foundation; JMB Learning; Bina Singh Foundation; Hygeia and Vibhaag. 

The initiative named VIBHGEIA, the half-day FOUNDATION SUMMIT was organized by two leading student-led non-profitable foundations. It was rare to bring all these non-profit organizations together under one platform. It was an opportunity for all the other nonprofitable organizations to share their mission and impact the audience.

The event held in the evening. Twenty NGOs participated and also put up stalls. They set up their stalls, propagated their causes, and missions, and spread the messages. Three foundations were chosen from the networking session to speak. Awards were presented to the deserving few. 

The aim of this conference was to network, share, care, learn, collaborate, and make an impact to society unlike before said NGO Vibhaag Foundation’s, Founder, Ashmit Tainwala, and Bhuvit Hisariya founder of HYGEIA.

Ashmit and Bhuvit the organisers of the summit
Ashmit and Bhuvit the organisers of the summit

Vibhaag Foundation is a student-run foundation led by Ashmit Tainwala. It raised funds in the past for a Charitable Clinic for Women and Children in a Slum area run by the Lions Club of Hyderabad Petals. Even the Medicines required to run the clinic for one year were arranged by a student-run NGO.

Bhuvit Hisariya, 17 years is a founder of HYGEIA and is a 12th class at Chirec. We work for better health for all. It is a one-year-old voluntary organization. Organized many health camps and impacted 1000 people. Moved by people suffering, I decided to be of some service to the society says Bhuvit.

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