Mukteshwar to Host Stellar Astronomy Events for International Dark Sky Week
Experience a series of spectacular celestial events at Starscapes Observatory in Mukteshwar

The picturesque town of Mukteshwar is gearing up to welcome stargazers and astronomy enthusiasts from across the country. As the world celebrates the International Dark Sky Week, Mukteshwar is all set to host a series of astronomy-related events.

Starscapes, India's leading astro tourism company and a member of the International Dark Sky Advocate Network, is hosting a series of astronomy-related activities as a part of the ‘International Dark Sky Week’. Starscapes will host the Planetary Parade and the ‘Messier Marathon’ from 15th April to 30th April at their observatory in Mukteshwar.

Mukteshwar Observatory

Starscapes Star trails at Mukteshwar

International Dark Sky Week is an annual event celebrated worldwide during the New Moon week in April. This year, it occurs from April 15th to April 22nd. The event is endorsed by the International Dark Sky Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the night sky. Since its inception in 2003, International Dark Sky Week aims to raise awareness about the night sky, the ecosystem that thrives in darkness on Earth, and the vast universe beyond our planet. Astronomy enthusiasts around the globe celebrate this week by participating in various activities such as stargazing sessions, astrophotography workshops, and turning off lights to reduce light pollution.

Starscapes has been actively working towards promoting Dark Sky Locations in India to boost interest in astro-tourism. They have recently partnered with the Uttarakhand Tourism Board to develop Benital as India's first astro village. In addition to this, Starscapes is working closely with locals to raise awareness about light pollution and its effects on the environment. Furthermore, they have been advocating for the implementation of dark sky regulations across India.

Commenting on the initiative, Paul Savio, CEO and Co-Founder, Starscapes, said, “We are passionate about promoting astro tourism and preserving the beauty of the night sky. Over the last several years, we have actively spoken about the importance of protecting our night sky from light pollution and we have been strong advocates to implement dark sky regulations in India. The events that we are doing as a part of International Dark Week is a step to bring more awareness to this cause. We invite astronomy enthusiasts to join us in celebrating International Dark Sky Week and explore the wonders of the night sky."

The Messier Marathon

The Messier Marathon offers an exclusive opportunity to learn about Charles Messier's contributions to cataloguing the night sky. Attendees will be able to observe some of the galaxies, nebulas, and star clusters catalogued by Messier.

Planetary Parade

Watch the planets as they line up in the eastern sky heralding the rising of the sun, early in the morning. Participants will be able to look at the phases of Venus, the clouds, the satellites of Jupiter, and the rings of Saturn.

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About Starscapes Private Limited

Starscapes is a unique platform that offers a holistic astronomy experience to give voice to your curiosity about the vast skies beyond our stratosphere. Founded in 2017 by astronomy aficionado Ramashish Ray with Paul Savio joining him as Co-Founder and CEO in 2019, Starscapes is India’s first and only chain of u that gives travel enthusiasts an integrated astronomy experience.

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