IIT Delhi Startup Nanoclean Launches Cigibud World’s 1st Smoking Cessation Filter
The product makes use of patented nanofiber technology directed at making the user accustomed to lower levels of nicotine

Nanoclean, the organization engineering advanced air filtration solutions launched Cigibud which is the World’s first Smoking Cessation Filter. The product has been developed in IIT Delhi employing the patented nanofiber technology for aiding in quitting smoking.

It is a scientifically proven therapy aimed at smoking cessation over a span of 3 months. The product has been curated taking inspiration from WHO-recommended Nicotine Replacement Therapy that majorly focuses on reducing nicotine levels. The nanofiber technology helps in filtering out a significant quantity of tar and nicotine that eventually makes the user accustomed to lower levels of nicotine.

Cigibud comes in a pack to Light, Ultra, and Pro levels to help quit smoking step-by-step. It is a three-stage process where 60% & 30% tar and nicotine are reduced at the Light level respectively. Increasing the effectiveness at every level, 70% tar and 50% nicotine are compromised at the Ultra level. And at the Pro level, the tar and nicotine are brought down by 80% individually.

Cigibud Launch
Cigibud Launch



Smoking inherently has unwelcome repercussions on health with the potential to cause deadly diseases such as cancer, heart disease, chronic bronchitis, COPD, lung disease, stroke, etc. in a person. Understanding that smoking is a form of addiction that takes time to recede, the product was devised meticulously to check the perils of smoking throughout the quitting regime and afterward as well. For which the nanofibers have been used in Cigibud to make smoking up to 80% less injurious to health. In the meantime, it ensures smoothness in the throat and naturally reduces the urge to smoke. It is compatible with all types of cigarettes. The effect is such that after using Cigibud, people find normal cigarettes bitter and ultimately very repulsive to smoke.

Speaking on the occasion, Prateek Sharma, the Founder & CEO of Nanoclean Global Private Limited said, “Smoking is quite addictive, and even though people are aware of the health repercussions, they find it difficult to break free from the vicious cycle. Therefore, we devised Cigibud to help them quit smoking systematically by making them used to the lower levels of nicotine while making it a smooth experience for them. With the help of Cigibud, we at Nanoclean strive to contribute to society and humankind by giving them advanced solutions to help them quit smoking effortlessly. We continuously work towards abating the lethal effects of smoking by harnessing the benefits of technology available at our disposal.”


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