Moradabad-based AutoTech Startup Parkmate Launches UP Govt’s 1st FASTag Enabled Smart Parking

UP based AutoTech ParkMate launched Uttar Pradesh's first smart parking in Lucknow

The moradabad-based startup plans to make smart parking available across India in the next 2 years

Smart Parking Startup- ParkMate has successfully launched UP Govt’s first FASTag enabled Smart Parking with the help of Lucknow Nagar Nigam. The Moradabad based startup has an ambitious plan to automate major parkings of Uttar Pradesh on 1 platform in upcoming years. ParkMate’s smart parking facility will solve the problem of haphazard and illegal parking which will eventually ease the traffic congestion and will provide easier access for customers to the major markets. This will generate more economic opportunities for the cities.

ParkMate provides a seamless parking experience for both users, city administrations and businesses. 

Last year in September, ParkMate secured an undisclosed amount in seed funding facilitated through EvolveX, Global accelerator programme by We Founder Circle, an early-stage start-up investment platform. 

With ParkMate application, citizens of Lucknow will now be saved from the tedious task of searching or even visiting a parking lot. Through ParkMate’s application which is available on Android and iOS platforms, users can get their cars picked up and dropped off at the location of their choice.

ParkMate Parking Space
ParkMate Parking Space

ParkMate Entry
ParkMate Entry

Traffic congestion costs the 4 major cities of India an economic loss of ₹ 1.4 lakh crore annually. More than 25% of traffic congestions happen due to parking congestion. Finding a parking space is getting more and more challenging with the increasing number of vehicles on the road. Despite of this, most multilevel car parkings of India are hardly working operating on their 30-50% occupancy. Whereas, surface parkings are over-occupied. ParkMate’s multi-dimensional services can solve all these problems. So, to end the culture of haphazard parking of vehicles, we have come up with sophisticated solutions that address all these concerns. We have a different approach than our contemporaries to solve this problem and we are glad that Uttar Pradesh’s Govt has given us a chance to showcase our services. This will further strengthen the honourable Prime Minister’s Vision of Smart Cities and digital India. Also ParkMate services are paperless which makes us the most ecofriendly and the only paperless parking company of India.,” said Dhananjaya Bharadwaj, Co-founder and CEO, ParkMate.

ParkMate is proud to be a part of this market which is majorly unorganized. The startup has introduced the DROP & SHOP service, which allows users to enter their parking location, where a dedicated valet will pick up the car and park it in a nearby authorized parking lot. ParkMate’s three-tier Trishool system offers an integration of the FASTag + ANPR +UniPay system which uses HD cameras, an inbuilt controller, and its in-house software to automatically scan licence plates and permit/log vehicle entry.

With ParkMate, the attendants are OTP verified and the cars are GPS-tagged so that users can track the car’s live movement. When the customer needs his car, he/she simply has to click on ‘Get my car’ and it will be delivered back safely wherever they want.




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