AssisTech Foundation (ATF) welcomes 10 Assistive Technology Start-ups to ATF Enable Acceleration Program Cohort 5!

Bengaluru based AssisTech Foundation (ATF) has announced the portfolio of India’s first Assistive Technology Start-up Acceleration Program : ATF Enable Acceleration Program Cohort 5.

ATF received an overwhelming response from aspiring disability technology start-ups who applied for the program. It is more enriching that the applications were diverse in nature, covering all areas of disabilities, impact areas, and were in different stages of their start-up journeys. Over the past weeks we have discussed & debated a lot while reviewing so many quality Assistive Technology (AT) solutions.

Congratulating all the passionate technologists for the innovative ideas and aspirations, ATF announced, "We are happy to note that this year’s cohort winners are diverse in terms of covering different disabilities including visual, mobility, speech, cognitive, neural and hearing impairment alongwith one focussing on geriatric care too. They are based not only in the metros but are spread out across Tier 2 and 3 Indian cities and are in various stages of their entrepreneurial evolution."

AssisTech Foundation (ATF) welcomes 10 Assistive Technology Start-ups to ATF Enable Acceleration Program Cohort 5

The list of 10 winners are as follows (in alphabetical order):

Backyard Creators Pvt. Ltd.

Backyard Creators is building a world's first Adhesive Non Surgical hearing device for by birth and severe hearing loss patients without the hearing implant surgeries. They are overcoming all the disadvantages of Implantation surgery by providing a non-surgical adhesive hearing aid.

Dextroware Devices

Dextroware Devices is a startup that is developing a head mouse for people with upper-limb disabled to control smart devices.

H Vision & Innovations LLP

Vision has invented a wallet that allows blind people to identify currency notes and also determine if they are authentic or fraudulent. Vision has also invented the world's most compact currency note checker for the sighted people which is so compact that one can use it as a key chain, attachment on smart phone cover, wallet/ purse etc.

Kidaura Innovations Pvt Ltd

A startup developing a digital game based screening tool for autism and developmental conditions. They are also creating a child therapy delivery platform for providing assistance in home-reinforcement of therapies.

Learn and Empower Pvt Ltd.

Startup that developed a game based teaching and assessment platform that enables the deaf and hard of hearing kids practice and understand what they learn at school 4-6x better while enabling the educators to use it as a teaching aid and assessment tool.

NEMA Artificial Intelligence Pvt Ltd.

NEMA AI is India’s first EEG based special education platform for the children with special needs that helps in assessment and curation of learning content based on their strengths and weaknesses.

Ripple Healthcare Pvt Ltd

A startup developing a product “HIP PRO+” is a smart wearable device that protects elderly from the traumatic and often deadly fall-induced hip injuries. With an acceptable design offered at a fractional cost, it empowers the elderly to lead a dignified lifestyle.

Punarjeeva Technology Solutions

A startup reimagining the rehabilitation of society through gamified physiotherapy by exploiting the technological tentacles and providing opportunities that help them lead an independent and supreme life by stitching knowledge into the tasks. Their portfolio of products include Samatved (Balancing Gamified Exercises for Lower Body), Hasth (Handtracking based system for fine motor skills), Tatvika (VR based solution for physio motor, cognitive and music therapy) and Nibodh (Blended Learning product for problem solving and creative skill development.)

Robo Bionics

Assistive Tech Solution company with a focus on Rehabilitation of Hand related issues like Amputation, Limb Difference, Nerve Damage, Paralysis, Tendon Injury etc. Their Core competency involves providing a Sense of Touch to such solutions to improve the user experience and accelerate rehabilitation and User Independence.


Vifr Tech is harnessing the power of VR for training and educating neurodiverse young adults in a fun way. Their product, Halara is a complete virtual reality special education platform to train and teach young adults with autism and other neurodevelopmental conditions.

ATF congratulates all the startups and a warm welcome to the ATF family! We are inspired and impressed by your passion and sincerity. As a next step, we will conduct a workshop to induct the winners into the ATF acceleration program and will start sessions by industry veterans, the best brains from the fields of disability, technology, start-up and business.

AssisTech Foundation (ATF) is working towards growth of the Assistive Technology ecosystem and helping millions of people with disabilities around the world to live their lives with dignity. Collectively, it has empowered its portfolio start-ups to do just that through access to customers, government and investors and other stakeholders. Cumulative efforts of ATF and its portfolio start-ups have impacted over 4.6 lakhs people with disabilities.

The ATF's objective is to create a conducive ecosystem in a structured and programmatic manner and help the start-ups develop a milestone based operating plan and investment strategy which will essentially shape the course of their business.

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