CHANGSHA, China, Jan. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (Zoomlion) released 14 green and sustainable key components and 32 new energy equipment products on December 15. As a leader in the construction manufacturing industry's push towards sustainable development, Zoomlion has established a comprehensive green development roadmap comprising design, manufacturing and management to achieve greenization of the whole process, from R&D, production to operation and management. The launch covered Zoomlion's nine product areas of construction and engineering, concrete pumping, mixing trucks, aerial work, earthmoving, foundation construction and mining machinery, mixing trucks and industrial vehicles. This is another milestone for Zoomlion, after the company introduced 16 new energy products in eight areas last November. The company has achieved strong sales of many other new energy products, and the market share of new energy aerial work machinery has exceeded 60 percent in 2022. New energy key component development Key component development is the foundation for the new energy transformation of construction machinery, and Zoomlion has achieved comprehensive breakthroughs in lithium battery and hydrogen energy, opening up the core technology and key component industry chain from spare parts to whole vehicles covering both hardware and software. To date, 80 percent of Zoomlion's key new energy components are independently developed by the company. Zoomlion's release of nine lithium key components has led to a comprehensive lithium new energy solution for construction machineries covering battery, electric drive, electric transmission and electric control. Its three new hydrogen energy components have structured the integrated full-chain solution of hydrogenation, hydrogen storage/transportation, hydrogen fuel cell and main engine. Zoomlion also created the world's leading 45MPa hydrogen hydraulic drive piston compressor. In addition, Zoomlion has introduced two heavy-duty new energy general chassis products for pure electric and hydrogen energy equipment. Development of new energy across the full product line In 2022, Zoomlion has achieved new energy development of its full product range and unveiled a series of products that have set industry benchmarks, including the world's largest tonnage new energy crane series, the world's first distributed pure electric crawler crane, the world's first pure electric carbon fiber pump truck and the industry's first glass installation robot for inter-story operations in high-rise buildings. Zoomlion also launched the industry's first intelligent construction packaged solution, driving the intelligent transformation of the industry. Green manufacturing  Zoomlion has innovated green technologies, equipment and production lines to achieve green manufacturing that is efficient, sustainable, low-carbon and safe. The new Earthmoving Machinery Smart Park has adopted high precision technologies to maximize material utilization, improve production efficiency and energy efficiency, reducing annual carbon emissions by 82,400 tons. Green development is charting the course for the future development of the construction machinery industry, and Zoomlion will continue to optimize its sustainability strategy and contribute to achieving the industry's sustainable development goals. View original content:

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