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Quectel Wireless Solutions, a global IoT solutions provider, has launched three new combo antennas to help IoT solution designers and developers optimize device performance.


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Quectel expands its 5G and GNSS combo antennas portfolio to advance coverage and location services across intelligent transportation, telematics, and mission critical communications (Photo: Business Wire)

Quectel expands its 5G and GNSS combo antennas portfolio to advance coverage and location services across intelligent transportation, telematics, and mission critical communications (Photo: Business Wire)

  • YEMN016AA - a very low profile 5-in-1, 5G and GNSS screw mount antenna
  • YEMN017AA - a 5-in-1 puck antenna that offers multiple mounting options
  • YEMA013AA – a 9-in-1 adhesive mount flat, rectangular combo antenna.

Each new combo antenna has been designed to offer maximized choice and performance for IoT deployments so customers can ensure their devices can access the connectivity they need across a variety of wireless technologies.


“We’re delighted to launch the Quectel YEMN016AA, YEMN017AA and the YEMA013AA to bring new functionality and performance to the combo antenna market,” said Colin Newman, Director of Antenna Business Development, Quectel Wireless Solutions. “To accelerate time-to-market and simplify product design, organizations need high-performance, easy, versatile mounting antenna boxes that provide maximized choice in terms of connectivity access and design flexibility. These new products offer this with the additional benefits of being backed by Quectel’s unparalleled support in design, customization, testing and manufacturing.”


The YEMN016AA 5G screw mount low profile antenna box measures 204 x 86.6 x 31mm, making it ideal for space constrained situations in which a low-profile antenna is needed. The combo antenna has been optimized for 5G and 4G networks with 4 x 4 5G/4G MIMO and GNSS L1 and L5, offering high-performance cellular and satellite capabilities.


The ultra-wide-band 5G/4G antenna provides broad coverage from 600-6,000MHz and is backward-compatible to support 3G and 2G networks at Cat-M and NB-IoT. The antenna is designed to work with various GND plane sizes or in free space for ease of integration with connection options from 300-5000mm, terminated with SMA connectors.


This screw mount omnidirectional antenna is easy to install with maximum durability with its IP69 KIBILAC® ASA enclosure featuring IK09 impact protection. The antenna is compatible with Quectel's RM520x Series modules. Quectel also provides comprehensive antenna design support such as simulation, testing and manufacturing for custom antenna solutions to meet customers’ specific application needs.


The Quectel YEMN017AA has been designed to deliver superior performance and can be widely used for wireless applications. The 5-in-1 combo antenna features functions including two LMH and two MH cellular antennas and one GNSS L1/L5 antenna, to provide high performance, excellent efficiency, and flexibility. The YEMN017AA can be screw, surface or pole mounted to provide the widest array of deployment options. In common with YEMN016AA, the YEMN017AA also offers an IP69 KIBILAC® ASA enclosure, again with IK09 impact protection, and is supported by Quectel’s comprehensive range of antenna services.


Both the YEMN016AA and the YEMN017AA are being used for applications in intelligent transportation, such as autonomous driving, for smart security in cameras with motions sensors, in the industrial sector for heavy equipment telematics and for first responders.


The Quectel YEMA013AA is a 5G adhesive mount antenna that is optimized for 5G and 4G networks. It offers 8x8 5G/4G MIMO and GNSS L1 and L5 antennas in compact form factor of 264.6 x 157.6 x 30.5mm. The antenna is utilized for passenger transport applications in the bus, rail, and air industries, in the automotive sector for heavy equipment and vehicle tracking and telematics, in remote asset and pipeline monitoring, and for first responder and emergency services. The YEMA013AA is particularly well-suited for customers using industry routers and supports a wide range of applications in IoT or M2M and use cases involving HD video over LTE.


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