Indian Startups Now Take 5 Yrs to Reach $100 Million from Zero in Revenue Comparing To 18 Yrs Earlier

Indian Startups are now taking about five years to reach $100 million in revenue. This information is given in a report released on Thursday. With the ecosystem maturing over the past decade, the time it takes to reach the $ 100 million mark has been significantly reduced। It took 18 years to reach revenue of $ 100 million in 2000, which has now been five years, according to data from Redseer Strategy Consultants.

The report further said, "There are about 100 unicorns and 170 sunicorns in India। Of these 270 shining stars, more than 40 startups in fintech, ecommerce and logistics have exceeded $ 100 million in revenue by FY 2022। "It has taken 5 to 12 years for these startups to reach this scale."

The report noted that on current valuations, it gives about 4.5 times the return on their investment for VCs. Rohan Agarwal, partner of Redseer Strategy Consultants, said, "Tam extension customized solutions, fit product market, improve profitability and operational efficiency, Our industry experts help take startups to heights and solve their challenges.

There are about 12,000 startups in India, whose revenue classification is less than ( 10 million dollars ), Growth stage ranges from ( $ 100 million ) to large ( 100 million dollars to over $ 1 billion ). Of these, 95% are in the emerging category, 3-4% are in the growth phase and less than 0.5% of companies are large.

Venture capital has played a critical role in assisting start-ups to reach the revenue milestone. Moreover, investors add tremendous value to the companies they fund. In addition, the knowledge of governance, financial prudence, and networks brought by VCs is invaluable for start-ups.

In the last 15 years (CY 2008 to CY2022), VCs have invested about $143 billion in the start-up ecosystem, which is currently valued at $804 billion. At current valuation, it translates to an approximately 4.5x return for VCs on their investments, as noted in the study.

Factors such as inadequate profitability and operational, organisational, and governance limitations are the main problems that cause start-ups to fail.


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