Wipro Acquiring Pune-based IIOT Startup Linecraft.AI

Wipro Group company – Wipro Infrastructure Engineering (WIN), has announced the signing of the agreement for the acquisition of Pune-based startup Linecraft.AI, an AI-enabled Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) product startup of the manufacturing sector.
Deal value of the acquisition has not been disclosed. Prateek Kumar, Chief Executive Officer of Wipro Infrastructure Engineering, said that this acquisition will help us expand our digital capabilities.

In a Linkedin post, Wipro said, "We are happy to share that Wipro Infrastructure Engineering (WIN), Automation Business, Wipro PARI has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Linecraft Al, an Al-Enabled Industry 4.0 company."

Interestingly, Wipro PARI was also a startup founded by one of the Co-founders of Linecraft.AI, and was acquired by Wipro last year (discussed later in this article).

Wipro Infrastructure Engineering (WIN), a business of Wipro Enterprises (P) Limited, set up its automation business in 2018 as a solutions provider for Industrial Automation.

"This acquisition is in line with our vision at Wipro Infrastructure Engineering to bring in the latest cutting-edge technologies to our customers in their journey from Industry 3.0 to Industry 4.0."

"This will further help us expand our digital capabilities and offer turnkey automation solutions with a bolt-on digital layer that provides deep insights and analytics, optimizing productivity using Al, and ML, thereby significantly enhancing our customer value Proposition," said the company's LinkedIn post.

Linecraft AI's software product suite provides artificial intelligence-enabled Industrial IoT solutions.

Wipro said in a media statement that the Linecraft.AI has the expertise of the automation sector, the strength of Artificial Intelligence ( AI) and Machine Learning ( ML), From which manufacturers can get more production and have better quality operations in real time.

Linecraft.Al is a seed funded Industrial loT product startup started by serial entrepreneurs — Ranjit Date, Mangesh Kale and Saya Date— in the manufacturing sector with 30+ years of experience in the domain. The startup's unique technology collects and analyzes large amounts of data from industrial machines and recommends ways to optimize efficiency using artificial intelligence and domain expertise.

Ranjit Date earlier founded robotics startup called Precision Automation & Robotics India Private Limited (PARI), which was acquired in 2021 by Wipro Infrastructure Engineering (WIN), a business of Wipro Enterprises (P) Limited. Post acquisition the startup become Wipro PARI.

Wipro PARI is now amongst the largest global automation companies with a strength of 1200+ employees and 3 facilities worldwide, with its headquarters in Pune, India.

Saya Date is an ex-Googler and a graduate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The mission of Linecraft.AI is to help manufacturers squeeze out more productivity from their production lines. It identify opportunities, which are hidden from the human eye, using its one of a kind algorithm.


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