Qualcomm Unveils Breakthrough Wi-Fi Tech and New AI-Ready IoT and Industrial Platforms

At the Embedded World 2024 exhibition and conference in Nuremberg, Qualcomm made significant announcements related to IoT and Wi-Fi Technology.

The company unveils the Qualcomm® QCC730, a disruptive micro-power Wi-Fi system for IoT connectivity. This technological breakthrough provides up to 88% lower power than previous generations and can revolutionize products in battery powered industrial, commercial and consumer applications.

Qualcomm also introduced the new Qualcomm RB3 Gen 2 Platform — a comprehensive hardware and software solution designed for IoT and embedded applications. Utilizing the Qualcomm® QCS6490 processor, the RB3 Gen 2 offers a combination of high-performance processing, 10x increase in on-device AI processing, support for quadruple 8MP+ camera sensors, computer vision, and integrated Wi-Fi 6E.

The two technologies unveiled are —

1. Breakthrough Wi-Fi Technology

The Qualcomm QCC730 is a groundbreaking micro-power Wi-Fi system tailored for IoT connectivity. Here are its key features:

Unprecedented Low Power Consumption for Extended Battery Life
  • The QCC730 delivers up to 88% lower power consumption compared to previous generations, potentially revolutionizing battery-powered industrial, commercial, and consumer applications. 
  • Its selectable power modes and innovative power management maximize savings for extremely long battery life.
Flexibility to Operate in Hostless or Hosted Mode
  • Developers can choose between hostless or hosted mode, providing extreme flexibility for different use cases.
  • It supports internal or external power amplifiers and has integrated, non-volatile memory (RRAM) for ease of design.
Versatile System Integration for Ease of Design
  • QCC730 fully integrates the on-chip microcontroller, non-volatile memory (NVM), and SRAM, making it versatile and easy to design with.
  • Developers can replace or integrate it with traditionally Bluetooth-only applications.
Complete Cloud Connectivity Stack with Open-Source Software SDK:

QCC730 comes with an open-source software SDK available on CodeLinaro, allowing cloud connectivity offloading.

It empowers developers with an alternative to traditionally Bluetooth-only applications and enables direct cloud connectivity.

In summary, the Qualcomm QCC730 offers ultra-low micro-power Wi-Fi, scalability, and versatility for IoT applications, making it a powerful choice for connected devices.

2. AI Ready IoT & Industrial Platform

The Qualcomm RB3 Gen 2 Platform is designed to empower developers in creating a broad range of IoT products across various segments, including consumer, enterprise, industrial robotics, and automation.

High-Performance Processing
  • The RB3 Gen 2 Platform is powered by the Qualcomm QCS6490 processor, offering advanced performance capabilities.
  • It combines powerful AI processing, computer vision, and blazing-fast wireless connectivity.
On-Device AI Capabilities
  • Developers can leverage the platform's AI acceleration for tasks such as image and video capture, enhancing overall functionality.
  • This opens up possibilities for applications in workplace security, automation, and more.
Support for Multiple Camera Sensors
  • The platform supports multiple 8MP+ camera sensors, enabling robust computer vision capabilities.
  • This feature is essential for applications in robotics, industrial automation, and other visual tasks.
Integrated Wi-Fi 6E
  • With built-in Wi-Fi 6E, the RB3 Gen 2 Platform ensures high-speed wireless connectivity.
  • This connectivity is crucial for seamless communication in IoT devices.
Bluetooth 5.2 and LE Audio
  • Enhanced Bluetooth 5.2 support allows for wireless accessories and efficient communication.
  • LE Audio ensures improved audio quality for connected devices.
Expandability and Versatility
  • The platform offers expandability through interfaces such as GPIOs, I2C, SPI, UART, PCIe, USB, MIPI CSI/DSI, and SDIO.
  • Developers can easily integrate additional components and customize their solutions.
In summary, the Qualcomm RB3 Gen 2 Platform provides a powerful foundation for creating innovative IoT products, combining performance, AI capabilities, and connectivity. 


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