Singapore, Nov. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the cryptocurrency exchange CoinW, users from nearly 20 countries around the world, including Vietnam, South Korea, Turkey, African countries, Russia, and India,etc, sent blessing videos. In the past five years, CoinW has started from Asia and has continuously expanded its market to Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and other regions. At present, it has provided comprehensive crypto assets services to 8 million users around the world, achieving a global layout.

Five years of steady progress, CoinW has become a world-class comprehensive crypto asset exchange. Its ecological business includes spot, contract, ETF, CoinW Earn, FansUp and other sectors. It covers CoinW Research Institute, CoinW Ventures and other industry-leading organizations.

The crypto industry has reached a crossroads from small-scale innovation to mass adoption. CoinW will be committed to leading the innovation trend, empowering crypto start-ups, and providing users with the best trade services and inclusive fintechs.

On the occasion of the fifth anniversary, CoinW's PR Repesentative and Senior Researcher Alex Peng specially introduced the following promotions in order to give back the support and love of 8 million users around the world:

Promotion  1 :CoinW” Lucky Draw “

Users visit to the special page of CoinW “ Lucky Draw “ Campaign, participate in the challenge, and click the “To Complete” button next to the corresponding task to receive relevant trade tasks. Complete tasks such as inviting friends, deposit, trading, etc. to get challenge opportunities and draw mysterious box gifts . The prize pool contains popular tokens such as BTC3L、ETH3L、TRX, etc.

Promotion  2: “ Check in to receive rewards”

CoinW platform will launch a Check-in reward, with a maximum of 600 USDT no-threshold bonus.

Promotion  3: “Challenge & Get Bonus”

The CoinWcontrac will launch the “Challenge & Get Bonus” activity, challenge yourself, break the limit, and break records to win rewards. Participating in the “ Challenge & Get Bonus “, you can get bonus rewards when the transaction volume exceeds 5000USDT.

Promotion  4: “What Other Exchanges liquidated, CoinW compensate for”

The contract feature of the CoinW platform will launch a campaigncalled”What Other Exchanges liquidated, CoinW compensate for”. Users can receive a subsidy of up to 500 USDT by providing screen recording of liquidation of positions generated by trading USDT perpetual contracts on other exchanges.

Campaign 5: Content Co-posting, Share $10,000 Mysterious Airdrops

Users can express their 5th anniversary wishes for CoinW on CoinW official Twitter and other social media,RT, and @3 friends to share the $10,000 mysterious airdrops.

Promotion 6: The 5th Anniversary Online Live AMA

On the occasion of CoinW’s 5th anniversary, CoinW, with the theme of “5 Continentals Linked, Coin Wins the Future “, gathered together with distinguished representatives from the Crypto market for an online live AMA, discussing the challenges of the Crypto market, and looking forward to the future of the blockchain industry.

The fifth anniversary of the new era, never forget the original commitment. We believe that CoinW linked users on 5 continents around the world, and will be able to cross the bulls and bears, reach the new high, and win the future.


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