Free Crypto Education Course with NFT Certificate from Binance Launched

Binance’s educational arm, Binance Academy is offering free courses on the increasingly popular cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Named as "Blockchain For Everyone", the free online course consists of six modules, the beginner course will explain the basics of crypto, blockchain, decentralization, metaverse, crypto trading, and investing strategies. Its successful completion will be awarded a non-fungible token (NFT) certificate.

Binance Academy has initially released beginner courses, with intermediate and expert courses planned to be released in the future.

Initially, the modules will be taught in English, whereas additional languages will be introduced in the following weeks.

Earlier in April this year, Binance has announced several educational initiatives to empower investors in India.

In early this year, Binance also launched its Learn and Earn program on Binance Academy that incentivises learning by allowing users to earn crypto while gaining knowledge about important topics across the blockchain industry.

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