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Smarten is pleased to announce the launch of its FREE online Citizen Data Scientist course. This self-paced, online Citizen Data Scientist course can help businesses make the most of the Citizen Data Scientist experience by providing foundational training for business users who are Citizen Data Scientist candidate. It is also suitable for those that wish to find out more about the Citizen Data Scientist approach to data literacy and fact-based decision-making. It provides an individual study environment that includes video, slides, lectures and supporting documentation for further study and reference.
Smarten CEO, Kartik Patel says, ‘This comprehensive, free online course is designed to support businesses and individuals who wish to pursue, or are interested in finding out more about, the Citizen Data Scientist journey. The Smarten advanced analytics product suite was specifically designed to support business users and those with average technology skills and offers sophisticated analytics tools in an intuitive, easy-to-use environment and this self-paced course material is a natural extension of the self-serve Smarten Augmented Analytics approach.’
This free Citizen Data Scientist course describes the Citizen Data Scientist role, and its benefits to team members and the organization, including improved data literacy, support for user adoption of augmented analytics tools, and an understanding of the basic algorithms and analytical techniques used in the process. There are no prerequisites for this course. It is intended for business and technology users and team members within the business environment.
“By the end of this course, participants will understand the role and value of Citizen Data Scientists and the benefits to the organization, as well as the integration points and cultural shifts that will position analytical professionals and Citizen Data Scientists to work more productively,” Patel says. “ Participants will gain a basic understanding of applicable analytical techniques, including predictive analytics, how to apply these techniques to real world business use cases and the augmented analytics tools they can use to make fact-based decisions and move the organization forward. We believe this course can play a valuable role in moving an enterprise and its users toward a more data literate environment.”
By providing this course as a free online offering Smarten hopes to further support and encourage users and businesses to embrace the very real benefits of the Citizen Data Scientist approach to analytics and objective, data-driven metrics and results.
Begin the Citizen Data Scientist Journey now, or contact the Smarten team for more information on Smarten Augmented Analytics solution.


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