IT Specialist’s EPL Betting Success Story

Ritesh Reddy is a former IT marketing manager who has used his passion for football and his playing experience as a teenager to bet on English Premier League (EPL) games and win money. His success was achieved by staying away from illegal betting rings and without risking personal funds like thousands of Indians still do unfortunately.

Ritesh grew up in Kochi, once known as Cochin. His parents ran a successful textile shop in the local market. Thanks to the steady income, Ritesh went to a private school and also took up football seriously. As per his coaches, he was a talented striker who had the potential to play for big clubs like Mohun Bagan or Mahindra & Mahindra. Things were going very well for the young lad from Kerala.

Then suddenly, lightning struck. Ritesh was practicing free kicks in a ground near his home on a weekend when he suddenly heard a pop. His promising career was cut short in just a couple of seconds. Upon medical examination, the unfortunate lad had torn multiple ligaments in his left knee. He tried rehab and tried to get back on the pitch, but the pace was gone and so was his confidence.

“I was heartbroken,” Ritesh recalls sharing his plight with his girlfriend Nisha Varghese. “I remember crying like a baby in hospital and it was Nisha who helped me control my emotions and talked me into focusing on my academic career.”

The couple broke up when Nisha moved to London to pursue a career in acting, but they still stayed in touch. Ritesh was a bright college student and he soon became a prominent IT marketing executive, eventually taking up a lucrative job in Noida. But then lighting struck again in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic. His company had to let him go and went bankrupt after just a few months.

Ritesh happened to see Nisha online on Facebook and shared his new situation. But then Nisha started telling him about the English Premier League (EPL) and how online betting is a real thing in London. Ritesh took note and did some research online. He found LiveCasinoIndia on Twitter and there was no looking back after that. The former footballer simply had a knack for guessing accurate results..

I know how to analyze lineups and use my sixth sense,” Ritesh explained, "There’s surely a lot of luck involved in this, but you can hedge your bets and reduce the risks significantly if you really do your homework properly before the weekend. I’ll probably start looking for a job soon, but thanks to LiveCasinoIndia, EPL betting is always going to help me make some extra cash on the side."

Ritesh’s story is just one of many, where Indians have managed to turn the tide find the light at the end of the tunnel. Online gambling can lead to addiction so if you choose to gamble online, then you must be responsible. Never bet more than you can afford to lose.
DISCLAIMER - This is a contributed content from 3rd party source and does not promote or endorse any form of wagering, gambling or betting to users of any age. We in fact believe that it is the worst form of sports or gaming and eventually lead to anarchy in the society.

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