9 New-age Travel Tech Startups Trailblazing Rejuvenate the Travel Industry Through Technology

The way we work, shop, dine, and spend our free time has all been impacted by technology. The travel sector has profited from ongoing technology improvements as well. Today, we can plan full trips by making reservations for hotels, flights, sightseeing excursions, and other activities on our smartphones.Today, travel is a necessity for living our way of life. The global travel technology glory days bay market predicts that it will cross the $12 billion threshold by 2026, increasing at an anticipated CAGR of more than 7.7 percent from 2021 to 2026.

The advantages of travel inspired several great minds to start a business in the travel sector. Due to the advent of contemporary travel start-ups and shifting consumer preferences, the market is anticipated to reach $9 billion by 2025. Travel entrepreneurs are helping customers create customized travel itineraries to make their vacations hassle-free, from booking tickets to occasionally offering exhilarating offers and deals.

We have narrowed down the list of 9 travel tech startup that clout the technology to revolutionize Travel Industry:


Alike.io the world’s first content creator focused Travel Commerce platform that incentivises content creators by sharing revenues of bookings influenced by the creator. Launched in collaboration with Dubai Tourism, Alike.io is the flagship offering of travel tech innovator – kitmytrip. Powered by their e-commerce enabled no-code platform, Alike.io offers the content creators (the Insiders) their own studio to showcase their travel content, boosting the success of a whole new set of travel micro-entrepreneurs – the Travelpreneurs.

Alike.io’s uniqueness is their capability to make the travel content bookable. For this Alike.io has already done tie-ups with experience providers across 200 global destinations, which is being made live on the platform in phases over the coming months. Building on their rapid growth, Alike.io is already collaborating with marquee brands like Zomato, SBI, Dubai Tourism to bring the benefits of their platform to the global traveller.

Mint House

Mint House
Mint House combines the classic comfort of home and the modern luxury of a hotel, giving guests all the perks and none of the tradeoffs. We’ve ditched losable key cards, long lines, room service and other relics for the things we miss when we travel—kitchens, groceries, workout routines, and the space to spread out. Every part of the Mint House experience is powered by smart technology, making your stay personal, predictable and effortless.

Travel Union

Travel Union
Started by Bollywood actor Sonu Sood, Travel Union is India’s first rural B2B travel tech platform that aims to democratize travel services by providing a platform to Travel Union members (travel agents) towards serving the travel needs of rural customers at every district, block and gram panchayat level.

Travel Union touted as India’s first travel-tech startup built with rural travel agents at the core. It is an initiative by actor and philanthropist Sonu Sood, aiming to build a thriving community of travel agents. As a one-stop super-aggregator platform, Travel Union provides the best and cheapest in travel offerings from direct airlines, railways, hotels, trips, wholesalers and aggregators through an app available in Hindi & English.

Travel Union aims to digitally empower and build a leading travel agent business community in rural India to serve 1 billion Bharat population.


Quietly transforming the hospitality landscape by setting a new standard in travel payment from any direct touchpoint.Amid this global transformation that has crippled the hospitality industry, Selfbook aims to propel the industry forward by empowering hotels with better ways to recover and reconnect. By improving their direct booking conversion, hotels can increase revenue and save up to 25% on commissions and fees while elevating the customer booking experience online.


SafetyWing is building the first global safety net for remote companies, remote workers and nomads worldwide. Our products are built and designed by a fully remote team of nomads distributed across three continents.Starting with Nomad Insurance - a travel medical insurance for nomads, and our most recent product, Remote Health - comprehensive health insurance available for remote companies and individuals worldwide. We are building out a product collection of insurance, pension savings and income protection - that in the future will be available as a membership.


Spotnana powers unparalleled global travel experiences. We are rebuilding the infrastructure of the travel industry in order to bring freedom, simplicity, and trust to travelers everywhere. Our Travel-as-a-Service platform enables corporations, agencies, suppliers, and technology providers to personalize travel booking, lower operating costs, and build deeper customer relationships.

The startup, which recently raised $75 million in funding to continue building its breakthrough travel platform,is founded by two Indian entrepreneurs — Sarosh Waghmar, a serial entrepreneur with more than two decades of travel industry experience and serves as CEO; and Shikhar Agarwal, formerly a founding engineer at ThoughtSpot, Google engineer, and IIT graduate and serving as the company’s CTO. 


Nearify is an app founded by Mayank Kumar, Saurav Singh and Vivek Srivastava in 2012 that provides users with updated information on events that are happening around them. Like information on the city, major tourist attractions, and fairs & festivals happening in the area. All the user needs to do is to key in the name of the city to find listings of meet-ups, workshops, music concerts, and cultural hangout places in their close proximity.


TripHobo is a Pune-based travel startup that has an innovative new travel platform where the collective effort of their dedicated team of travel enthusiasts. They are trying to transform its user's travel experience by making travel more sharable and personally tailored. The platform lets you connect with travel buddies around the world and hence makes your experience even richer and memorable.

ExTravel Money

ExTravel Money is an online aggregator and marketplace for forex services that bring the hyperlocal eCommerce model to foreign exchange business and is helping users save money on currency exchange and money transfer from and to abroad. Users can use this platform to search for banks and money changers near them who offer these forex services. They can also compare the exchange rates and total cost of a forex service including the services fees, tax charges, even the rating of each forex store they are searching for.

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