Plutoverse breaks the clutter with multiple investors signing in

Funding has become a scarce resource in the start up industry. Many investors are shying away from placing their bets, which has in turn led to a funding drought in the ecosystem. Bucking this trend of reluctance is a tech-entertainment company that brings a path breaking product to the table.

Since inception, “Plutoverse” has been making huge waves in the tech universe, with its recent funding round with Polygon Co-founder Mr. Jaynti Kanani generating quite the buzz. 

A virtual world where users don exciting avatars to socialize, build, and earn, Plutoverse explores the concept of Metaverse in an in-depth, adventurous and invigorating way that no other platform has attempted. 

The firm now welcomes three new investors on board, as Polygon Co-founder Mr. Sandeep Nailwal, Tykhe Block Ventures founder Mr. Prashant Malik and OYO Global CSO Mr. Maninder Gulati also invest in Plutoverse.

With the backing of such distinguished names, Plutoverse is steadily racing ahead in creating a digital world that breaks the boundaries of what one can do in the Metaverse. 
Sandeep Nailwal

Talking about his investment, Sandeep Nailwal, Co-founder, Polygon says, “Plutoverse is not just an attempt at creating a world unseen, but also a revolutionary idea that can redefine the Metaverse. It will allow users to holistically immerse into a shared universe with easy interface and seamless integrations. I am looking forward to working with this team of young guns to make a memorable product”. 

Prashant Sharma, CEO and Co-founder, Plutoverse
Prashant Sharma, CEO & Co-founder — Plutoverse 

Elaborating on the road ahead, Prashant Sharma, CEO and Co-founder, Plutoverse says, “With Plutoverse, we want to give consumers a never seen before experience. Mr. Nailwal, Mr. Gulati and Mr. Malik’s backing will further strengthen our mission. Mr. Nailwal has been a maverick of the fintech space, the way Polygon changed the blockchain arena is what we are attempting to do in the Metaverse market”.

The trust of such renowned investors in Plutoverse proves that exquisite offerings still have backers in the market. The Plutoverse trailer has already become a viral sensation online and this fresh round of funding will further strengthen the company’s efforts to provide Indian users with a unique yet world class Metaverse experience.

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