Saarthi Pedagogy Pvt. Limited is a B2B EdTech company that focuses on the core of India's K-12 education system by helping affordable schools bridge the digital gap through an innovative technology platform. The company has a firm belief that when knowledge is infused with technology, it makes one grow beyond boundaries. Established in 2019 by Sushil Agrawal and his team, Saarthi Pedagogy was started with a mission of providing 360 degree solutions to schools on academic strategies, pedagogy, content and training through the customized academic content mapped with AI Backed LMS and modern ERP features. It is also optimizing the productivity of teachers by automating all administrative tasks. Since its launch, Saarthi Pedagogy has created a network of 1200 schools and 1,50,000 students.

Team Saarthi Pedagogy Pvt. Limited

How it started

Mr. Agarwal, a dedicated educator, has personally spent 10 years in building and running schools. He was the proud owner of two successful and technologically advanced schools in Ahmedabad. He with his team developed their pedagogy methods, textbooks, and learning management system to improve the learning outcomes of students in these schools. He wanted to take the benefits they received in his schools by AI-backed LMS to other schools and wanted to create an impact in society by delivering higher learning outcomes.

This led to the formation of Saarthi Pedagogy. It is being led by a team of professionals with experience in the educational field to overcome the educational challenges of deriving a 'Learning Outcome' with the help of technology and a pedagogical approach.

How to ensure the 'Learning Outcome' has been achieved This question made the team 'Saarthi' find ways to provide 'Curriculum-based learning resources, not limited to textbooks'.

They have both online and offline products, which include physical kits, STEM kits for students, textbooks, masks, stickers, and games to make learning fun and interactive.

They have developed an application for teachers in addition to students. The app assists teachers in creating lesson plans, searching supportive videos, tracking attendance, and creating periodic plans, saving them a significant amount of time.

Saarthi Pedagogy is a SaaS-based learning resource provider. It is a product of years of research and experimentation on solving the pain points of teachers, students, parents and school management. It provides mentoring and training solutions for developing presentation and analytics skills in students besides giving 360 degrees learning solutions like student management, staff management, performance analysis, and others. It is a B2B focused edtech startup offering a product that blends school curriculum, technology, teacher training, and pedagogy on a single platform. It has been seen that technology enables the identification of the tiniest data points, which as result helps to fill the gaps in teaching and learning.

Recently, Saarthi pedagogy has raised Rs. 16 Cr. as a part of its pre-series. The funds have been demarcated for product enhancement, the ramp-up of the technology team, content creation, and expansion of the sales footprint. In August 2021, Saarthi Pedagogy closed its first seed round of USD 1 M and witnessed 10X growth since then. The startup has been targeting the USD 25 billion market of mid-sized schools in India.

In the coming fiscal, it is planning to reach out to 4000 schools and touch the lives of 600000 students with its technology-enabled platforms. This initiative will not only improve the learning outcome of their regular education but also eliminate the need for after-school tuition classes, which in return will save thousands of rupees and valuable time for the students.

Saarthi's aim has always been to improve the learning outcome of every student irrespective of their family background across India. In this endeavour, the highly-efficient Saarthi team is leaving no stone unturned with their hard work and perseverance.

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