A Brief Introduction to the World of NFTs

Technological advancements have transformed the world, and finances and assets are no exception. From cryptocurrencies to NFTs, the changes have been astounding. The market of NFTs had hit a high of $55 billion as of November 15, 2021. A digital asset that characterizes real-life objects like music and art is known as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). It is computer-generated and can only be bought and sold online.

How to Buy NFTs

Buying NFTs is not as simple as going online to make purchases using a credit or debit card. There are specific requirements a buyer must consider before making an NFT purchase. The common way to buy an NFT is to start with obtaining digital currency, followed by setting up a crypto wallet where the digital currency can be sent. Once you have enough funds, you can link your crypto wallet with a marketplace where you can find and buy your favorite NFTs. It is important to remember that NFTs can also be purchased by using a bank card, but the options for that are pretty limited.

There are two marketplaces to buy NFTs: primary and secondary. It is essential to know that NFTs of primary marketplaces have a high resale value. Let us take an example of one of the widely held marketplaces: OpenSea. To connect your crypto wallet to this marketplace, you have to go to OpenSea.io and click on the sign in the top right. Follow the instructions after selecting "My Profile" to connect your wallet to the OpenSea marketplace. You can go to Krikey for a step-by-step guide to buying NFTs.

Why Invest in NFTs?

Many people confuse investment in NFTs with investment in cryptocurrencies. These are two different processes, as one is fungible and the other non-fungible. While investing in cryptocurrencies may be risky, since it is synonymous with investing in the stock market, investing in NFTs is relatively safer and can result in exponential gains.

Along with the fact that NFTs may give you a larger-than-expected profit, it is also risky. The reason behind it is that the people's interest drives the market of NFTs. If you buy a particular trending NFT, it may attract several investors and return huge profits. For instance, Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey's first-ever tweet was sold for $2.9m. However, if people are unwilling to buy an NFT due to its non-trendy nature, you may not gain anything from it. Another downside to the investment in NFTs is the technicalities faced during its purchase.

Can an Individual Make an NFT?

Since an NFT is a digital asset, one may be wondering if it can be made by anyone interested in doing so? The answer to that is yes; anyone can do it. One has to follow a proper procedure similar to buying an NFT in the first place, i.e., buying cryptocurrency and putting that into a crypto wallet. The prospects of making digital content are virtually endless, and one can create as many NFTs as possible. This is one of the reasons NFTs have caught much attention and can be tipped as the new multibillion-dollar market. However, it is still a developing market. A lot needs to be evaluated to consider it a safe place for investment.


NFTs are versatile and constitute a wide variety of digital art. While buying NFTs is both risky and rewarding, it entirely depends on the people's interest in a particular NFT. NFTs are also accessible to everyone and can be made by anyone who understands the digital world.


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