The new range of product curated by the top scientists is in an easy to consume bite size.

In a span of one month of its launch, Laurik has witnessed 150 per cent growth in sales, and 100 per cent on MAU (Monthly Unique Visitors)

Laurik, a unique health elevator brand, today launched a new product range Laurik Bites that caters to three important categories: gut, sleep, and focus. Each bite is 100 per cent natural and consists of lauric acid, a rare substance found in mother’s milk, palm, or coconut. Laurik Bites also contains 26 potent natural ingredients.

Nutraceutical Startup Laurik Launches ‘Laurik Bites’ to Improve Sleep, Focus and Gut Health

Laurik products were launched in the market in April this year, providing a range of health shots that caters to haircare and skincare, which naturally improves the hair, skin, and overall health. Laurik has witnessed 150 per cent growth in sales, and 100 per cent on MAU (Monthly Unique Visitors) in a span of one month.

Lavanya Sunkari, Founder and CEO, Laurik said, “Laurik aims to improve people’s health and wellbeing. We are at the forefront of innovation, using a blend of science and natural ingredients to solve some of the most significant healthcare challenges. We provide healthy solutions through its compositions derived from coconut. Millennials need products that show results quickly and are easy to consume. Laurik bites are a natural solution to the millennials who are faced with sleeplessness and anxiety."

Lavanya Sunkari and Archana Chindam

Laurik Bites is on a mission to help at least 10 - 12 million millennials across India over the next three years. The millennial generation seeks results faster and chooses products that are not healthy or harmful to the body when used for a prolonged period of time. In this case, Laurik has a naturally derived and science-backed solution for their problem of poor sleep and a lack of concentration without giving them a bad effect or a habit-forming solution like synthetics/ chemically derived products.

Laurik Bites are easy-to-consume products that deliver minerals and micronutrients in a food form due to which the absorption levels are high. The start-up is in the process of filing a patent for Laurik bites. With this launch, now there are 16 types of Laurik products for both men and women that are available on the website and Amazon India. The startup soon plans to launch its products across several other e-commerce platforms as well as supermarkets.

Laurik is a D2C nutraceutical brand. It is the first brand in the world to have worked on the composition for health and beauty using Lauric acid-enhanced coconut powder shots combined with 26 other potent ingredients developed by the top scientists of India. Laurik shots are certified by the top 10 food certifications, enabling Laurik to be a 100 per cent natural, global brand. It is the second nutraceutical brand in India to be awarded the Clean Label Certification from the Clean Label Project™ US.

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