5 Cutting Edge Robotic Palletization System Providers in India

With e commerce growing at an exponential speed every day, the industries related to it need to keep pace with the changes. Warehousing industry is the one that is the backbone of e commerce, which enables fast delivery, the core advantage of e business. Automation of these warehouses ensures that the varied products that are in a warehouse can be managed as a data via customized software. However, another arena which needs focus is the movement of products and parcels. 

At times there are fragile items, at other there are huge and heavy parcels. It is humanly impossible to move them from one place to another, at each step, without any error. This is where the automation industry steps in. The robotic palletization has been a boon for this industry. Here are a few notable start- ups that have made a niche as the best in class robotic palletization system provider.

Atmos Systems

Atmos Systems is dedicated towards providing automation solutions, including robotic palletization system, to warehouses. Easing tasks such as picking up of boxes, cases, bags, cartons etc, it expedites and simplifies the task of unloading and loading objects in lesser time with minimal to no human intervention. In Palletizing, the objects are loaded onto a wooden or plastic pallet for transportation. In depalletizing the goods are unloaded at specific location. Any error at any stage can lead to a chain of mistakes, that will result in financial losses. Thus the automated process helps to cut out such mistakes and ensure accurate and error free deliveries to contact points at every stage.

Armstrong Ltd

They deliver with a promise to provide you products at a faster, as well as cheaper rate and smarter technology for all your robotic palletization needs. With the belief that automating the process, it brings about an increase in profitability, and minimizes errors. The unbeatable accuracy of the automated system is the key to success here. And warehouses jumping onto the bandwagon have definitely benefitted from it.


Specializing in robotic solutions for warehouses, it makes use of AI cloud software to ensure that they provide the best of palletization solutions too. With a reach across Europe, US and Asia, one can expect them to deliver truly world-class products that adhere to international standards. This Gurugram based company is a force to reckon, in India and abroad because of the technology it uses.

Godrej Koerber

Offering world class services in manufacturing intra logistics and distribution intra logistics domain, their palletization solutions are hailed by the satisfied customers. Enabling a smooth, fast and effective handling of storage and packaging process, the products empower the end client to create a smooth process, that will yield better profits due to faster process, lesser manpower being used and zero scope for human error.


With an aim to truly revolutionize the warehouse industry it provides automated solutions to address the barriers in the warehousing industry. With a customized solution for every step, at lightning speed, all they want is to make the impossible, possible and give a higher throughput.

The bottom line here is that businesses related to warehousing industry can revolutionize the way they work by simply automating the warehouse, which is the need of the hour and increase profitability.


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