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Farm to Plate, a blockchain-based SaaS solution for the food industry, today announced their strategic partnership with Esearass, a leading provider of seafood, across the Indian market, to enable sustainable underwater ecosystems, financial emancipation and enhanced customer satisfaction using blockchain technology.


By 2030, the world’s population will require 232 million metric tons (MT) of seafood, around 62 million MT more than the planet is expected to produce unless bold steps are taken, according to international research organization WorldFish Center.


“Clear visibility of demand ensures that suppliers can know when and how much to procure, enabling a near real-time seafood supply chain and providing consumers with fresh stock when they need it. Throw in micro tipping into the mix and you get a nexus between consumers and fishermen like never before,” shares Saptarshi Choudhury, Director of Emerging Technology at Farm to Plate. “With immutable, end to end track and trace and secure financial payment integration on the blockchain we can enable a secure marketplace environment that eliminates the need for intermediaries,” Choudhury adds.


“With Farm to Plate as our partner, we can provide a more secure marketplace for fish farmers to sell their produce at the best available price and gain direct remuneration through a QR code-driven payment interface. We hope to bring financial emancipation to fishermen and provide consumers the verifiable quality and trust they deserve,” Suvo Sircar, Co-founder, Esearass.


Along with enabling sustainability in the producer ecosystem, the Farm to Plate platform offers:

  • End to end track and trace from farmer to consumer
  • Microtipping
  • Modular design
  • Single window for all stakeholders to view supply chain data
  • Two-factor authentication and authorization
  • Seamless onboarding
  • Easy transfer of data
  • Identity and Access Management for role allocation
  • Publicly accessible URL through a QR code

The partnership also seeks to establish a seafood stock exchange where local and foreign investors can invest capital for these farmers to build better facilities and produce higher quality seafood. The company is currently investigating AI-based options to track the freshness-index of seafood, so implementing blockchain technology is perhaps the logical step forward.


“Esearass’s vision is in line with our corporate philosophy to build sustainable ecosystems while ensuring equitable benefits for all. The success of this partnership will enable consumers in the United States and other countries to gain access to exotic seafood supplies that are compliant with industry norms and give trusted traceability and assured quality, even for foods sourced from developing economies,” shares Pramod Sajja, CEO and President, Paramount Software Solutions.


With plans to expand globally later this year (which will include growth across the US), Esearass is committed to being a contributor to improving the efficiency of food supply chains, food security and better sustainability through its partnership with Farm to Plate.


About Paramount Software Solutions


Paramount Software Solutions is a top-notch provider of blockchain technology offering the most dependable, and state-of-the art solutions, serving various business use cases. A member of the Hyperledger project – an open-source collaborative effort from Linux Foundation – Paramount Software Solutions has curated specific use cases and translated concepts into PoCs and production deployments.


About Esearass


Esearass is a leading provider of seafood to the food sector across the Indian market, encompassing logistics, cost management and comprehensive delivery solutions up to the end consumer. Esearass has been in the business of Seafood and poultry since 2019. The firm deals with many varieties of seawater and freshwater fishes, poultry, mutton, and frozen food products and boasts over 10,000 customers. Esearass offers its products to customers through its network of stores, as well as online through its marketplace portal




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