E-Sports and Modern Technology: Gadgets for Betting on Video Games

Download a Betting App, Get Extra Gadgets and Make Video Games Work for Your Pocket

Most people associate online gambling with sports betting and casino table games. Some know that there are slot machines too. Few are aware of another option, namely esports. There are plenty of sites, such as Sportsbet Io India, for example, where you can find a good selection of esports games to choose from.

In this article, we will briefly explain what the term refers to, describe the gadgets you need for making the best use of this option, and mention three of the most popular esports games in 2022.

Esports Games

Essentially video games converted into betting formats, esports provide a delightful opportunity to take a break from counting odds for sports games, spinning wheels, dealing cards and scratching numbers. Instead, you can equip yourself with the necessary gadgets to connect with millions of players around the world and enjoy grand-scale video game competitions in the live-streaming format.

Sportsbet Io Review

First, you will need to download an app so that you can enjoy the games from any location. Besides, betting apps offer lots of additional advantages over the desktop versions. The procedure is very similar across platforms, but we will use Sportsbet as an example because it provides very convenient betting options and offers all the most popular esports games.

In addition to the esports games, the operator provides lots of sports events, casino table games and video slots to bet on, all of which is more convenient and profitable to do from its mobile apps. However, you will first need to check which type of device you use.

If it is iOS, iPhone or iPad, you can:
  1. Follow the download link.
  2. Install the app on your device.
  3. Run the app to activate it.
In the case of an Android device, there will be two preliminary steps, though:
  1. Go to your device settings to permit installations from unknown sources.
  2. Install an APK file on your device.
  3. Follow the app download link.
  4. Install the app on your device.
  5. Run the app to activate it.
Once you have downloaded an app and completed the registration procedure, you can start betting on the options you choose.

Note: you can get all the installation links for the apps and APK from the bookmaker's official webpage.

Additional Accessories

However, you will do well to get two extra gadgets if you want to enjoy an esports game in its prime:

Handheld Video Console

This is a portable panel that contains all the buttons and levers you need for operating your characters in the game. In addition, some consoles include buttons for placing bets and adjusting your settings. Connect your mobile device to a TV and the console, and you can play the game on a bigger screen. Plus, you and your friends can enjoy the battle together this way.


An head-mounted display allows you to make one more step towards the complete three-dimensional immersion. As the name suggests, this is a 3D display that you can wear on your head. But to enjoy it fully, you will first need to get used to operating your console so well that you could do it even with your eyes closed.

When you can let your fingers do the walking, put your head-mounted display on, grab your handheld video console, start an esports game on your mobile app and enjoy the three-dimensional thrill of modern betting technology.

Esports Games

And now, let us have a very quick look at three of the most exciting esports games to date:

Game Best Tournaments Betting Strategies
Dota 2 Dreamline Leipzig Major ESL One Moonlight Clash Cooperate with your team to tackle the Ancient Structure. Use gold to procure precious weapons. Study the betting markets to select the optimal odds.
League of Legends Legends Championship LoL World Tournament Kespa Cup Spread your team across the map to destroy the opponents' Nexus. Watch for the regular daily bets on big tournaments. Bet the Match and Outright Winners, First Dragon and Handicap.
CS:GO ESL One CS:GO Major Championship ESL Pro League Plant bombs for your opponents and defuse theirs. Stick to Straight Wins as the best type of bets. Go for First Blood, Top Fragger, Knife Round and Map betting markets.


Esports games provide a lovely escape from the world of cards and odds charts. The first thing is to find a reliable operator that can offer you a convenient app and a good selection of gaming options. When you have that, you can master the rules of the games, study your opponents' tactics and research the best betting markets. And the additional gadgets will help you enjoy the thrill of 3D immersion and make you feel like you are really in the game.

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