From a waste management perspective, high-barrier, multi-layer, biodegradable food packaging could be a useful replacement for current multi-layered packaging that is non-recyclable and non-degradable. Unfortunately, most food packaging that is made from plastic, is typically thrown away rather than reused, recycled or compost. 

While take-away has become a dynamic source of revenue for many restaurants, owners of cloud kitchens believe that setting up such kitchens has proven to be beneficial as many people have been looking for decent quality, healthy, and home-cooked meals during the pandemic, from using biodegradable and recyclable packaging to sourcing local ingredients. Many small businesses begin by making their packaging eco-friendly as a first step toward making a food brand sustainable.

In the food delivery business, packaging serves the essential function of preserving food quality, preventing product spilling or leaking, and communicating the brand messaging to customers. The growing demand for delivery-only services ultimately means more orders, which can exercise pressure on ghost kitchens to deliver a premium experience, despite negligible interaction with customers. The unique selling point of any cloud kitchen is food delivery to the customer’s doorstep. An important element in food delivery is the packaging. The resources, design, superiority of packaging, and how it is handled play a vital role in communicating your brand values to customers. 

A 2020 report said that consumers overlook the environmental impact of food packaging. The report even challenged eaters who have sustainability on their minds to think beyond just the food they consume each day.

Let's take a look at the best five food delivery brands that are offering a restaurant experience to consumers by providing them with sustainable food packaging.

The Chhaunk

Mrs. Manjari Singh and Mrs. Hiranyamayi Shivani founded a cloud kitchen start-up in Gurgaon. The Chhaunk, which gives only Bihari food to all homemade food enthusiasts, such as Champaran meat mutton, litti chokha, Sattu ka sharbat, Bihari chicken curry, Sattu kachori, and methi puri, among others.

Best 5 Cloud Kitchens in Delhi-NCR That Are Using Eco-Friendly Food Packaging
A mother's recipe has many essences, including relaxation, tranquility, and a plethora of love. The brand's goal is to provide a home-like ecosystem for the online food delivery industry. The brand has pledged to be a 100% green firm, with no things in the restaurant that would harm the environment. Their packaging is fully plastic-free and biodegradable. They use glass packaging to give lead-free, safe, freeze-proof, leak-proof food that is easily recyclable.

Madam Curry

Best 5 Cloud Kitchens in Delhi-NCR That Are Using Eco-Friendly Food Packaging

Madam Curry is a new delivery-only startup launched by Ishaan Kapoor of The Purple Plate catering firm that focuses on innovating with classic recipes to give them a new spin. With Marie Curie as inspiration, Kapoor and his team want to attempt new recipes and approaches to make dining a healthier experience for their clients rather than strive for perfection. Their commitment to sustainable food distribution is amazing. 

The brand uses eco-friendly food packaging such as glass jars, earthenware, and birchwood cutlery that can be recycled and reused at home.

PotPot -Yum Yum

PotPot Yum Yum Indian Delivery provides pots and potlis of chaats, North Indian, and coastal food. Their flavorful, fresh food is made using organic and locally sourced ingredients. Pot Pot derives from the cooking pots, which are the vessels in which the food is cooked, the serving pots, which are the potlis in which the chaat is packed, and the pottery, which is the fine art used to manufacture the terracotta pots.

Best 5 Cloud Kitchens in Delhi-NCR That Are Using Eco-Friendly Food Packaging
Pot-Pot Kitchen

Pot-Pot is based on the concept of sustainability. From their glass and terracotta pots to their paper bags and cardboard boxes, they made sure their packaging was easy to recycle and upcycle. This was no simple task.

Pitara Kitchen

Pitaara Kitchen, founded by chef Udit Maheshwari, is where you can eat wonderful North Indian cuisine without the greasy fare. Pitara Kitchen serves ethnic cuisine with a flavorful and nutritious twist. Pitaara Kitchen's credo is to combine traditional flavours with a modern twist. Their menu includes foods such as Jammu's Dogri Meat, Kaala Chana Kebab, Broccoli Makhani, Bacon & Kalimpong Cheese Kulcha, and more. They are supplying eco-friendly packaging throughout South Delhi.

Masala Story

The brand serves authentic North Indian cuisine to its customers, most of whom have twisted from dining-in to ordering-in during the pandemic. Some of their food offerings include freshly cooked Dum Biryani, kebabs, and phirni. One of the exclusive aspects of the company is its traditional style of cooking North Indian style food in earthen pots and then carefully delivering the food in the pots. This helps customers like the fare with a slight mess and a taste of authenticity. Their packing also adopts a sustainable and eco-friendly approach.

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