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Sanjiv Kumar, 21 years old young entrepreneur who is now trying to help other entrepreneurs of India in bringing innovative & creative startups from ideation to the market by providing proper guidance, support and pre-seed & seed funding for their initial pick up.

In past, Sanjiv Kumar has worked on his startup ideas few of them were The Luxury eats, Ruffka & Runzze but due to the lack of funds, he couldn't able to handle the expenses alone and had to shut them down. He noticed that the people had great ideas & built blueprints of their businesses, all they lacked were funds. From there, he founded Kwige investments to help young, motivated startup founders in raising their pre-seed and seed round of funding.

Sanjiv Kumar
Sanjiv kumar

Today the ( Kwige Investments which now receives over 100’s investment requests per day from start-ups filters out the best unique opportunities and present them to the client investors. Kwige organizes a meeting for the investor and the startup team if the investor is really interested.
You only need money for expansion not for the invention
- Sanjivshen
Sanjiv invests in early-stage startups that he finds innovative or bringing some impact on the economy. He also believes that if a person got an idea then he should work on it rather than just imagining & talking about it. He says today people are more aware of how private investments are done due to the TV show called Shark Tank, Previously people only knew about bank loans and mortgages for which they had to pay high-interest rates.

Investment range: 50,000 to 500 million

Number of Startups Served: 250+

Personal Portfolio:
  1. Metaphorsis (New Generation Digital marketing agency)
  2. Zingie (Revolutionalized online food delivery)
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