Mahindra Thar Superhero-themed NFTs

Last week, IndianWeb2 reported that Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. becoming the first Indian automotive OEM to enter NFT space with the release of its first tranche of NFT offerings based on the iconic Thar SUV, that will be released in collaboration with Tech Mahindra.

Yesterday, Mahindra presented its first series of Mahindra Thar Superhero themed NFTs – four epic NFTs that depict the coming of age of the Thar Superhero. The auction goes live yesterday, 29 March 2022, at 11 AM.

Link to the auction site: https://mahindragallery.middlem

Auction timelines: 29 March to 31 March , 2022.

All the four NFT’s will be unveiled at 11 AM, the first NFT will go live for auction at 11AM followed by a gap of 30 minutes for subsequent auctions.

The NFT auction will conclude on 31 March, 2022, starting 7PM, followed by a gap of 30 minutes for subsequent NFT auctions.

The ‘Mahindra Thar’ NFTs

Mahindra Thar has been a superhero for the brand as well as in the lives of owners as it helps break through new frontiers, challenge the self and do what others simply can’t.

Staying true to the NFT space and the aesthetic that one sees, Mahindra is showcasing their superhero - the All-New Thar, conjuring the superhero’s story, in surreal surroundings using popular visual styles that verge on the fantastical, symbolism and written narratives that accompany each NFT.

  • NFT 1 - Born of the Earth: Born of the Earth, forged from elements hidden deep within, The All-New Mahindra Thar embodies an evolution of the extraordinary. Our superhero comes from a lineage toughened by time and shaped by winds of change; from forefathers that have braved the wrath of the sun, the cold indifference of the winter snow and everything in between. As successive generations evolved to battle the unpredictability of nature, the Thar character began to emerge, destined to become a country’s timeless icon: a name pronounced in the same breath with mythical superheroes who were born to explore the impossible.
  • NFT 2 -  Taking Flight: The first flight of any superhero fires up our imagination, giving flight to a dream and giving purpose to our superhero. Realizing this purpose means evolving with change. With pure 4x4 energy at its core, The All-New Thar takes a leap of faith by embracing new powers to meet the demands of a new generation searching for a sense of adventure. The limit of what is possible is like shifting desert sands; every generation pushes it forward from the last and it’s The All-New Mahindra Thar turns their flights of fancy into a thrilling reality.
  • NFT 3 - Standing Tall: As Mahindra Thar became the people’s icon, the name became synonymous with the ability to take on extreme adversity. The All-New Thar takes on the toughest terrains, raging rivers, breath-taking inclines and death-defying dunes. Myth and reality begin to blur as stories of Thar’s impossible feats start to spread across the world. Is it a car, is it a beast, is it a superhero? One thing is certain: The All-New Mahindra Thar stands tall above everyone else, only because we feel the same way when behind the wheel.
  • NFT 4 - Exploring the Impossible: As the All-New Thar powers through your life, you are shaken from your routine to rise from that bean bag of daily grind. The All-New Mahindra Thar shows you that life is outside, at the fringes, in places beyond your line of vision. That there are boundaries that you must cross, that the road not taken is the only way forward. The roar of the All-New Mahindra Thar is not just a call for you to go out and explore the impossible, it’s also that feeling deep down telling you that you are alive. 

Benefits of the Mahindra Thar NFT Buyers

  • The buyer will be the first and exclusive owner of Mahindra Thar’s super-hero themed NFTs.
  • The proceeds from the winning bid will go towards Project Nanhi Kali, to support the education of underprivileged girls in India.
  • The Thar experience doesn’t end with buying an NFT. The winners of the auction will be invited to the Mahindra Adventure Off-road Driver Training Academy (Igatpuri, Maharashtra) or to the new state-of-the-art Mahindra SUV Proving Track (MSPT, Chennai), to experience the thrill of 4x4 motoring.
  • As the owner of the NFT is recorded on the blockchain, the buyer will have the right to display and resell the NFTs. The latter can be done using the Crypto Wallet ID on any 3rd party marketplace that support Polygon platform.

The Auction

  • The Auction and eventual purchase will take place on Mahindra Gallery, the online NFT marketplace made in collaboration with Tech Mahindra, especially for this purpose. Buyers need to create a Crypto Wallet in Mahindra Gallery to participate in the auction. The website enables mandatory KYC to be done before bidding begins. A unique ID will be created which identifies you as the bidder/potential buyer.
  • The highest bidder can complete the purchase transaction using normal INR through the Crypto Wallet that needs to be created before bidding starts.
  • As the owner of the NFT as recorded on the blockchain, the buyer will have the right to display and resell the NFTs. The latter can be done using his Crypto Wallet ID on any 3rd party marketplace that support Polygon platform
  • Mahindra & Mahindra will send an email to the highest bidder and allow 48 hours to make the payment and claim the NFT. If the highest bidder doesn’t claim ownership in 48 hours, the 2nd highest bidder will be given the chance to claim ownership within 48 hours.

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