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Virat Ambuja TMT Bars has appointed Kashmir Steel Rolling Mills as a conversion agent in Jammu and Kashmir. After the launch of Virat Ambuja brand TMT Bars in the North Indian states of Punjab, Himachal and Jammu & Kashmir UT, the brand has proudly appointed Kashmir Steel as its conversion agent for the region. The market players are already aware that Virat Ambuja branded steels are manufactured from premium quality steel to ensure high quality of end product which is at par with branded products of repute.

Kashmir Steel Rolling Mills has been engaged in the manufacturing of TMT Bars for the past 52 years and has been continuously upgrading their manufacturing facilities to ensure that the products are maintained as per present market trends. Up-gradation of technology has been of paramount strategy to implement the desired quality of end product.

Earlier, Krishan Gopal Singla, who is a qualified Chartered Accountant from the ICAI, has years of experience in the line and after his age passed on the reins to his sons namely Varun Singla and Tarun Singla, who are qualified graduates from the Business School of Management. Both the brothers are up-keeping the systems to ensure present market requirements as per the current trends.

Tarun Singla is a dynamic leader, with a broad outlook to ensure that modern requirements are in tandem to place the company in league with composite units to pare the trends of current market requirements. Under his aegis, the company has been able to modernize various processes and reduce manpower with new upgraded machines.

Rationalizing the trendy manufacturing setup to eliminate human errors for continuous quality and consistency, the Company has in the past been supplying to various projects like Dulhasti Hydro project by Jai Prakash Group, Kishan Ganga Hydroelectric Project by Hindustan Construction Company Limited, National Highway Authority of India Limited, Indo-Tibetan Border Police and had remained as conversion agents for Steel Authority of India Limited for two decades.

As far as advantages of the renowned brand Virat Ambuja TMT Saria Grade is concerned, there is a long list like better bending and rebending properties, it is also high earthquake resistance because of better ductility in the core of the bar, whereas resistance to corrosion is better because of a film and thin layer of iron oxide on the surface, while it is better weldability because the carbon is max. 0.25% and also better dimensional tolerance.

Pre-dispatch inspection before loading by the Quality Assurance Department cross checks for any surface discontinuities to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction. These products are earthquake and malicious damage proof. Prime quality steel is processed from high manganese based input steel to ensure that toughen ability and robust ductility of end product is assured. Incoming raw material testing to final product manufacturing shall be the striking feature to maintain the traceability to quarantine failure of end products. The company's team of Quality Assurance shall undergo random sampling process to maintain optimum PPM for arresting such market throwbacks.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is signed between Mr Hemant Basu (North India Head) Virat Ambuja Steel and Mr. Deepak Sabharwal (General Manager Marketing) Kashmir Steel Rolling Mills. Quality Assurance Head Mr. Das of Kashmir Steel Rolling Mills with other channel members also present.


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