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Tsecond, a developer of technologies that reimagines how enterprises and organizations activate big data, today announced the release of - BRYCK® platform, a revolutionary Petabyte-capable, smallest mass storage known to capture, process, move and store data from any system, anywhere. Customers can collect up to a full petabyte (PB) of data, store and recover it at incredibly fast speeds in a media device that fits in the palm of a hand but is tough enough to handle the harshest environments. BRYCK enables the future of edge computing and storage for applications where data density and mobility are key enablers.

High-density, rugged and portable, with a blazing fast I/O architecture and high-speed encryption, BRYCK speeds big data from the edge to insights. BRYCK includes an advanced self-healing software platform that protects and secures data, guarantees data consistency, provides high speed data access, is fully compatible with existing infrastructures, and provides comprehensive monitoring.

BRYCK enables enterprises and organizations that need to collect and access large quantities of data quickly and more efficiently to support efforts such as data migration and cloud computing. It helps remove physical obstacles to data capture at edge environments. BRYCK weighs about 12 pounds and is approximately 4” x 4” x 9.5” in size; it can be easily transported via its rugged and secure handheld case in person or preferred shipping practice. Additionally, BRYCK’s user-friendly dashboard (software platform) makes it simple to monitor performance and usage, as well as wipe clean to reuse again and again, saving customers valuable time and money.

Sahil Chawla, Co-founder and CEO of Tsecond said, “For companies to gain a competitive advantage, they must be able to capture, manage, protect and analyze massive amounts of unstructured or semi-structured data wherever it is generated. BRYCK accelerates the delivery of big data to where it is needed and enables leaders to access those powerful insights to make faster, smarter decisions across every corner of their organization. No longer is a majority of the data left stranded at the edge.”

Until now, companies needing to transport up to 1PB of data have relied upon expensive and time-consuming processes to get their data to the desired physical location. For example, large data transfers from on-premises to data centres have historically required large semi-trucks full of servers to transfer the data, wasting days if not weeks. With BRYCK, customers will have access to all their data within a few hours. No trucks or heavy equipment is needed for transportation.

BRYCK is deployable for a wide range of use cases including aerospace and aviation, autonomous vehicles, ships, defense, manufacturing, film production, data centres, and more. It provides:
  • Increased speed to move and process data created at the edge: Customers will have access to time-critical data in hours versus weeks or months. 5G or dedicated fibre lines take too long – data-inactionability is a real problem.
  • Increased processing speed at the edge: Processing speed is only as fast as you can read/write to storage; BRYCK has hundreds of gigabits of bandwidth.
  • Cost reduction: Petabyte-level storage capacity and compact design reduces the number of physical trips required to move data from the edge to the data centre to the cloud. 
  • One solution model: System can be used for all data types and formats. BRYCK simplifies architecture and data access through standard interfaces and a user-friendly solution dashboard for easy device and performance monitoring.
  • Deployment to anywhere data is created: Customers can capture large amounts of data from any type of edge, moving and static. 
  • Network-Free Big Data Transport: Eliminates the need for high-cost long-distance network connections between two sites. Transports data from remote locations that does not have network access and eliminates data transfer delays due to slow network performance.
  • Secure Data Transfer: High-speed data encryption and physical data transport eliminates network-based security threats during the transfer.
  • Size-Weight-and-Power: BRYCK is low weight, small in size, uses less power than a hairdryer and is transportable in a suitcase.


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