Comes equipped with 4 smart modes: Car mode, Motorcycle mode, Bicycle mode and Ball Mode

In today's hustle and bustle of life, you never know when a puncture repair kit might be required. Travelling on unknown roads, it becomes difficult to look for petrol pumps to top up your tyre’s air. To overcome this issue, Portronics launches VAYU, a portable air inflator that will relieve you from the hassle of going around gas stations. If you are a frequent traveler Vayu is going to be your perfect travel buddy, which will literally inflate anything from tyres to balls to deflated objects at a fraction of cost, in a fraction of time.

Portronics VAYU comes with many nozzles of different sizes, shapes and functions and is a Presta Valve adapter enabled model. The device is combined with excellent battery power of 4000mAh and an output of 50W; it can inflate the tires of most vehicles in a matter of moments. Vayu comes with 4 smart modes: Car mode, Motorcycle mode, Bicycle mode and Ball mode to cater to your every need. This device comes with a digital display with an LED interface that shows the parameters of the devices on which it is used.

This Portable Tyre Inflator comes with a Type-C USB charging cable that can charge your device at an amazing speed ensuring that you are never late due to a deflated tyre. On a single charge, VAYU can inflate upto 150 PSI, depending upon the vehicle and object type. Moreover, the product comes with a function where it can change the pressure unit from PSI to any other preferred unit (bar, kPA, kg/cm2) which is a standalone feature of the device.

The VAYU Portable Tyre Inflator is very handy and can be easily carried around thanks to its aesthetic, light-weight and strong design. This device will help you fill up a tyre in mere 9 minutes which is faster than the usual tyre filling time. VAYU auto-detects the pressure and stops as it reaches the limit, users can set it manually too as per their convenience.


  • 4000 mAh Battery
  • 50 Watt Power Output
  • Fast Charging with Type-C USB charging cable
  • Digital display with LED interface
  • Max Pressure Limit - 150 PSI
  • 4 Intelligent Modes for everyday needs.
Pricing and Availability: The Portronics Vayu Tyre Inflator comes in black with a premium matte finish at an introductory price of INR 2,899. Users can buy this from the company's official website, Flipkart and offline stores, backed with a 12-months warranty.

Portronics, standing for Portability and Innovation has been a market leader in the digital & portable consumer electronics market space in India, for a long time now. A pioneer in innovative technology for the Indian demographic, Portronics has been touching and transforming the lives of its customers, by continuing to the tech space with new, quality gadgets. A firm believer in the power of good user experience, Portronics is synonymous with portability and high-functioning designs, due to an innovative product base and consumer satisfaction.

With a PAN India presence, Portronics has been successfully delivering innovation at your doorstep for over 10 years and is constantly working up the ladder of transformation. To know more about Portronics, visit the website
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