Consumer Hardware Startup Among the World’s 1st to Integrate ChatGPT Into Home Appliances
  •’s (Up⤴️) proprietary AI and ChatGPT together makes it easy for anyone to cook on their smart cooking assistant, delishUp⤴️.
  • The AI enabled chat assistance makes it possible to customise recipes, offer support and suggestions, empowering anyone to begin cooking.
  • The delishUp⤴️ now offers generative recipes as a part of this new AI feature, released as beta.
Consumer Hardware startup, (Up⤴️) is all set to roll out the the integration of ChatGPT — the most talked-about technological advancement of the year — into their flagship product, the delishUp⤴️. (Up⤴️) becomes one of the world's first companies to incorporate ChatGPT into a home appliance, revolutionising the way consumers interact with technology in their everyday lives.

delishUp⤴️, India's first smart cooking assistant, is making home cooking easier for young Indian homes. The appliance's Smart Jar not only can heat and cook food but also automates chopping and stirring ingredients for a variety of dishes from gravies to one-pot meals. With 250+ guided recipes displayed on an interactive 8-inch touchscreen, owners only need to add ingredients as prompted to cook their meals. This drastically reduces the hassles of cooking for new cooks, with delishUp⤴️ doing everything from supporting in recipe selection and cutting ingredients to automating heating and stirring. delishUp⤴️ was built on the startup’s proprietary AI framework, Up⤴️AI, to control and manage hardware functionality and recipe accuracy. Up⤴️AI with ChatGPT now has encompassing knowledge of food, ingredients and recipes and can make generative and responsive suggestions to all cooking prompts and needs.

This integration is a testament to’s (Up⤴️) commitment to democratising cooking and transforming Indian households into "smart" homes. By incorporating ChatGPT into the upliance, delishUp⤴️ has exponentially increased what one can accomplish in their kitchens. The “upliance” aims to level up young Indians who are looking to cook more often at home, but don’t know how to cook or lack the time to do it everyday. This integration has not only expanded what one could be eating at home everyday but has also given it’s owners the ability to customise and tailor these recipes according to their preference or lifestyle.

Commenting on the latest upgrade, Up⤴️’s CEO and Co-Founder Mahek Mody said, “With the delishUp⤴️, our mission has always been to get more homes in India cooking, and the integration of ChatGPT into the delishUp⤴️ is a major step in that direction. We wanted our owners to have the ability to cook what they wanted at whim. Food is deeply personal, and we understand that everyone has different needs and preferences when it comes to cooking. By integrating Up⤴️AI with ChatGPT, we can now cater to the varied needs, requirements and preferences of our owners. We are thrilled to be at the forefront of bringing truly smart and connected technology to Indian homes

Upgraded Features:

AI Chatbot Assistance: The AI powered “Up⤴️Bot” enables owners to seek cooking tips, receive assistance with modifying recipes during cooking and clarify doubts. The Up⤴️Bot can offer suggestions on customising existing recipes on the upliance to suit dietary needs and preferences. Examples of customisation include making recipes vegan, sugar-free and low calorie. Additional features also include speech recognition.

AI Assisted Generative Recipes (Beta): In addition to the 200+ in-built recipes, owners can now also request any recipe they desire. Owners can generate trending recipes from social media or a recipe they have seen on their favourite cooking show, or request for a recipe with an unusual combination of ingredients, the delishUp⤴️ will generate a recipe for it.

Up⤴️ is disrupting India's home technology industry with its category-defining ‘upliance’. The company aims to be in 1.5 lakh homes across the country by the end of the year, with a revenue target of INR 150 crores by FY25. Up⤴️ closed its pre-seed funding round of $1.5 million in 2022, with participation from Zerodha's funding arm - Rainmatter, Rukam Capital, Draper Associates, co-founders of Ather Energy and Unacademy, as well as mini angel investors. Deliveries of delishUp⤴️ began in January 2023 and is currently priced at only INR 21,999. It is the only Made in India AI enabled cooking assistant available for young Indian homes. 

About Up⤴️:

Founded by IIT Bombay alumni, Mahek Mody, ex-Chief of Staff at Ather Energy and Mohit Sharma, ex-Head of Engineering at Chaayos, Up⤴️ designs and manufactures contemporaryx smart and connected consumer appliances. While working with Ather Energy, Mahek helped define the Ather 450x as a product and a platform. Mohit, Co-founder and CTO, was leading the engineering team at Chaayos. He helped the team at Chaayos build their own proprietary chai-making machines from scratch. Together they aim at enabling Indians to level up their daily lives through innovative products which will transform the mundane into something special. Their first upliance, delishUp⤴️ began deliveries in January 2023 and is currently priced at only INR 21,999. It is the only Made in India AI enabled cooking assistant available for young Indian homes. Up⤴️ is heralding the shift to home cooking, even for those with no experience in the kitchen, and is inviting everyone to participate in the experience, with a home trial at INR 499 in Bengaluru and virtual demos for other cities.


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