While Valorant, a 5v5 competitive shooter developed by Riot Games, has been making waves in the eSports community, some Valorant advice for new players would be friendly to have. Players may choose from a pool of 15 distinct agents to play on six different maps in Valorant.

The game's fun comes from the interaction between players and the unique abilities of the many agents— helpful advice for newbies so that you may perform at your best in combat.

Beginners, in particular, need a set of guidelines to help them enhance their gaming in a short period. You can avail of the hacks at aimhax to become a pro at the game. Here are a few examples:

Customize Your Preferences

Even though Valiant ships with a default configuration that includes a crosshair and sensitivity, it is quite probable that these settings will not be suitable for you.

In Valorant, the first thing a new player should do is find out what level of sensitivity and crosshair they want, among other things, and then adjust those settings accordingly.

The Scope and Aim

Players in Valorant, particularly those who are new to the game, tend to aim for the ground as they move across the battlefield. Putting in a certain amount of practice time at the range will undoubtedly enhance your aim as well as your overall gaming.


Combatting your movement with counter-strafing is a sophisticated method in Valorant that you may use to your advantage. This enables you to fire your initial shot with pinpoint accuracy even if you're moving.

This will allow you to hit the target with more precision on your first shot.


Communication is essential for cooperative gaming in Valorant, as well as in other team games. The lack of communication in most lower Elo lobbies has resulted in a catastrophe in terms of coordination.

Start utilizing your microphone, or at the very least Valorant Comms, as soon as possible.

Control of the recoil

While weapon sprays may be helpful in various situations, newcomers need to get familiar with the unique weapon recoil patterns in Valorant to get the most out of it.

Regular practice of recoil management with your primary weapon on the range may go a long way toward improving your performance.

Double-checking the corners

The majority of newbies in a game are slain due to a lack of understanding of the map. While the levels in Valorant are pretty simple, they do include a lot of corners, and adversaries are often lurking around corners waiting for a chance to get a free kill.

Don't give them one, please! When flanking or playing on a retake, be sure to look around every corner.

Strategies that have been improved include lineups and forging sites.

The game seems to be straightforward for novices in planting and defusing the spikes. However, reevaluating your ideas now might be very beneficial in the future. Learning the post-plant or retake lineups for specific agents, such as Viper, may be pretty helpful in the long run.

Another tactic that professionals often use is to avoid crowding a single location and keep their alternatives open. As a result, instead of team pushing, players may fake a site with one agent than the plant on another place after the adversaries have rotated out of the way.

Smokes that only go one direction

When playing smoke agents in Valorant, novices may get their hands on individual one-way smokes the same way they can get their hands on molly and walls. They are a fantastic technique to mislead unsuspecting players into taking damage, if not a death while remaining completely invisible.

Planning for the future of the economy

Another major issue that newcomers in Valorant face are their lack of financial planning. While some gamers can afford to purchase pricey weaponry, others cannot buy even a handgun. It's better if you and your team discuss the economic plan simultaneously as the strategy.

The walls are smashed.

This one's for you if you haven't made any progress in improving your aim over a lengthy period. Wall bangs are not as horrible as they seem, and they are even employed intentionally by specialists in some situations. After all, getting a few free kills will benefit the game.


This is very crucial. If you want to learn how to master Valorant, you must first grasp the mechanics of each agent and weapon type. The practice range is an excellent location to put your aiming skills to the test and feel how the gun reacts when fired. Additionally, it is a perfect spot to practice your talents or warm-up before the game begins.

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